TGIF Friday Funny 76: Fire vs Ice – The Great Debate


Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of TGIF: Friday Funny. I am your host Matthew and I am here to bring your daily laughs. First things firsts, here are some brief news. I have good news and bad news; I will start with the bad news. Today was original release date to the long awaited video game Final Fantasy XV but according to the news, the video game got delayed and needed more time to clean up bugs and patches. Instead, recently, Sega has released the delayed video game of Sonic the Hedgehog’s other game series Sonic Boom titled “Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice“. This game is for Nintendo 3DS and you will be able to play as Sonic and his friends and use the power of fire and ice to beat every level. Also in the side note, we had our debate over here with the candidates, Donald Trump  (R) and Hilary Clinton (D). This is where I came up with the name.

Good news is that today is the last day of September. It’s time to say goodbye and welcome the last three months of 2016; first being October. October is the time where people dress up in costumes and decorate the house for Christ *ahem* I mean Halloween! It will be a spoooky month filled with horror, candy and the change of the cooler weather. Over here it’s still hot! I also finally watched the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘f’. Feel free to chat with me about this movie. I will eventually do a review on it as well. Last but not least, if you paid attention to my blog, I blogged the whole month of September! All 30 days of September is filled!!

Without further ado, let’s end September!

To end this post, here some cool songs that will heat up this cold season!

Burn Baby Burn!

Ice Ice Baby!

Good bye and see you next from yours truly, the hottest but cool guy Matthew!

38 thoughts on “TGIF Friday Funny 76: Fire vs Ice – The Great Debate

      • Really? I didn’t know. I just used to seeing him ruthless in the movies and in the old cartoon. Cheers and Happy Friday to you too. Thank you for visiting every Friday!

      • Yes, its been an ongion thing for a while now with Megatron, although recent events have seem him finally use his cannon again – to help his Autobot friends and crew of the Lost Light. This has all been happning in the IDW series Transformers More Than Meets the Eye. Thank you always look forwad to the Friday posts, they are fun, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

      • Yep, he even changed his insignia from Decepticon to Autobot! You’re welcome, I do enjoy reading the Transformers comics, the stories and art are really good 🙂

      • No way that’s crazy. I never expected Megatron to change sides. I suspect a dangerous foe besides him. I didn’t know the comics were this good.

      • Yeah, been some major changes for the Transformers in recent years. The comics are way better than the films IMOP. Transformers is the main title, but the one with Megatron like this, has been in Transformers More Than Meets the Eye, this series is brilliant. Transformers Lost Light starts later this year, a new series. And IDW are currently doing the Revolution crossover, where Transformers, ROM, Action Man, GI JOE, MASK, and Micronuats are all in the same story. There are lots of trade collections of IDW comics now, would certainly recommend them if you are a Transformer fan, well worth a look 🙂

      • Wow interesting. I didn’t know this series was going to be something like this. I always thought the comics was just adventures based on the classic cartoon.

      • Oh yes, Unicron was a powerful foe. Galvatron has been the most recent enemy in the comics though, but Optimus and Soundwave teamed up, and Prime killed Galvatron.

      • Yes, that’s my main issue with the films, they don’t look much like the classic Transformers, which is a shame. They’d be better films if they actually looked like proper Transfomers.

      • Yeah that’s true. I feel guilty for saying this but the only ones I can remember from the films are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Soundwave, and Grimlock (just by the T-Rex transformation).

      • Exactly, most of the other Transformer characters – apart from the ones you mention – are hardly recognisable in the films. They are action packed films, but wish they’d get the look right more.

      • Yeah I think the comics and cartoons make it look recognizable. I had to listen to who’s who and hear the names. Other than that, I can’t even tell who is Autobots and Decepticons.

      • Its a lot easier to tell in in the comics. The war between the Decepticons and Autobots is more or less over, also divisions remain. Starscream is in charge of Cybertron, Soundwave has established a commune orbiting Jupiter’s moon Io, and Prime has annexed earth as part of the council of worlds and placed it under the Autobots protection. Megatron has been travelling on a mission in deep space with Rodimus Ptime and the crew of the Lost Light. Now following Combiner Wars, the ancient Titans are awakening, and the Revolution IDW crossover event sees the Transformers working with JI Joe, Micronauts, Rom, Action Man, and MASK.

      • Wow a lot has happened in the comics. Funny how the cartoon version was protecting earth and in the comics, all the Transformers has position in the galaxy.

      • That definitely sounds good! I saw the film so no worries on the spoilers thing anyway though. Hopefully they announce a third film soon, it feels like they’ve waited long enough at this point.

      • Black Goku would be neat although since Super is handling it, it’d be awesome if the film could pass the show again and maybe adapt an arc that the show wouldn’t air until afterwards, like the big tournament that was foreshadowed. We’ll definitely go a lot more in depth on the review page, but I certainly liked the movie a lot as well!

      • Yeah you’re right. If they do have a plan for the next film, my other guess would be maybe the conclusion to Super. I enjoyed the movie as well. I am not sure if it’s better than Battle of Gods.

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