My First Anime Discussion Post: What if Final Fantasy was retold as an Anime?

I know this is probably something you expect from Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl but this post was inspired by her and from watching Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV . This is my first discussion post so please bear with me. Before I start, let me just say this: Thank you Shay for this inspiration!

After I watched the anime Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, I wrote a review about this anime. In my review, I talked about how the anime did an excellent job on setting up the main story by talking about the main character Noctis and his friend’s past and friendship. This got me thinking, what if Square Enix did more adaptations of more Final Fantasy games? If they could make a great anime of Final Fantasy XV, imagine if they could do more with other series. Besides Brotherhood, here is an example on why this sounds like a good idea.

In the past, I did a review on a OVA of Final Fantasy VII titled “Last Order: Final Fantasy VII“. To those who don’t know, this OVA is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and retells the story of the tragic event at Nibelheim. The main cast involves the heroes Zack Fair, Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart and the villain Sephiroth. The OVA was done by studio Madhouse and it’s only in Limited Edition Collector’s Set of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It was very interesting to see a short anime special that showed what if Final Fantasy VII was an anime. The characters looked great and they made the combat exciting.

Final_Fantasy_VII_Last_Order-690753806-largeFF7-collector set

If I could choose a series that I would want see as an anime (besides FFXV because they sort of already did it), I would pick Final Fantasy VII. Reason being because the series is quite popular from most fans and this is probably the only series besides Final Fantasy XV I know in regards to story and characters. I don’t think I would want the anime to be short either, I heard the game was really long. My second choice would actually be the spinoff fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy. Dissidia is a video game where players can pick their fan favorite hero or villain and fight each other in different worlds (play as Cloud and fight Squall, or Tidus against Sephiroth). Reason I think this would be a great anime is because I enjoy the character interactions. It was nice seeing different characters from different worlds fighting along together and going against each for a specific goal.


Going back to what I said earlier, if it was possible, how would you feel if Square Enix wanted to do an anime adaptation of your favorite FF game? Square Enix would turn one of your favorite games and you can experience it again in anime format. What series do you want to see? What kind of studio you think would be best for your choice?

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