Dragon Ball Super running in other places except US

Announced today, Toei Animation Europe will be running and allowing the anime series Dragon Ball Super to other places of the world. Between fall and winter, Europe, Middle East and Africa will be able to watch Dragon Ball Super.

The anime is also being shown at Isreal in Nickelodean and Portugal at SIC. The anime will be in France on Toonami, Italy will have it on Italia 1 and Italia 2, Spain will have Boing. Finally, in English-Speaking Africa, they will be able to watch the anime in Cartoon Network.

Already mentioned, Toonami Asia will be airing the “English-Language” of Dragon Ball Super in Southeast Asia and India in mid-2016.

So far, no news of Dragon Ball Super in United States.


8 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super running in other places except US

    • That’s pretty cool. I wish we had it here. At least you are ahead of us haha. Hopefully FUNimation will get the license and they will provide the English voices.

    • It wouldn’t be the first DBZ show to not come in the US. I am really hoping Super would come here. I find it weird that we haven’t got it yet, but I hear some of the characters from the anime will join the upcoming video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

      • I wouldn’t worry about the US not getting Super. It’s arguably Funimations biggest license, and they’d be fools not to cash in on Super.

        I think it’s just a matter of waiting a while, although I agree, I am surprised it’s not even been announced yet. It should have been licensed from day one, it’s Dragon Ball!

      • Yeah I agree. FUNimation is well-known for anime like Dragon Ball. I don’t understand why they haven’t took the chance to watch it. At least make available for subscribers. The money could help cash in the home DVDs. I know we’re getting the toys next year.

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