Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ anime review

Rightstuf synopsis:

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is the second Dragon Ball film personally supervised by the series creator Akira Toriyama, following Battle of Gods. The new movie showcases the return of Frieza – one of the anime world’s greatest villains. Frieza has been resurrected and plans to take his revenge on the Z-Fighters of Earth. Goku and Vegeta must reach new levels of power in order to protect Earth from their vengeful nemesis.

(This review will have minimum spoilers because this movie takes place after Battle of Gods. I will try to not spoil everything.)

With the success of the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods”, in 2015, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama returns again and creates another movie that brings one of DBZ dangerous villains back from the dead and reminds us why he is considered powerful among the galaxy. In this film, fans will experience the usually funny moments along with fast-paced action scenes.


Mentioned earlier, Resurrection “F” takes place after the events of Battle of Gods where the Earth is safe. However, with the help of the Dragon Balls, some of Frieza’s remaining soldiers led by Sorbet revives the Alien warrior. After being trapped in Hell for years, Frieza is fueled with anger and plots his revenge.

Four months later, Frieza returns with an army of soldiers and attacks Earth. Joining the fight, the Z-Fighters jump into action along with the new character, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. However, unlike before, Frieza is far stronger and he has surprises for the Z-Fighters. Even with the training, Goku and his friends are in the fight for the lives.


Much like the previous movie, the majority of the characters got the spotlight. The Z-Fighters even get more action as Goku and Vegeta. In one of the scenes, the Z-Fighters (excluding Goku and Vegeta) are fighting against Frieza’s soldiers. Characters like Gohan, Piccolo and even Master Roshi join the fight to save Earth. Also joining the action is the silly alien Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. Jaco is from Akira Toriyama’s manga Jaco the Galactic Patrolman (I wrote a manga review here) and this movie, he becomes a helpful hand to the Z-Fighters, even though he does hesitate. The English Dub voice for Jaco is Todd Haberkorn. However, not all participate in the film but only a some. I watched the movie in English Dub and all the voice actors return for the roles. Actors like Sean Schemmel is Goku, Chris Sabat is Piccolo and Vegeta and the Kai voice actor Chris Ayres does Frieza voice.


First of all, I really like the story in this movie. This movie really does remind me why Frieza is feared throughout the galaxy. His improved powers and army is what makes him dangerous. Besides Frieza, the movie does a pretty good job dividing moments where the story can be silly or serious. Unlike Battle of Gods, Resurrection “F” had more action scenes and everyone got involved.  Everyone had the spotlight but only a few didn’t participate. It’s explained who didn’t join but the ones that joined caught me by surprise; Master Roshi also joined in the fight. Moments with Goku and Vegeta were actually pretty funny. Without giving away too much information, when Goku and Vegeta are training with Whis (a character from Battle of Gods), they tend to argue and compete against each other; Beerus also returns in the movie but not the main antagonist like before. The anime movie was great on character spotlights, fight scenes and dub.

There wasn’t much to argue against the film but I do have some points some people may point out. The movie does include some CGI moments especially the battle with Frieza. I don’t mind it but I hear people didn’t like how they tried to create the fight scenes with computer animations. Another thing I want to mention is the pacing. Even if you seen Battle of Gods, you had to tag along with the story without explanation; such as Goku and Vegeta’s training regime. Also, the fight scenes can relatively be short. However, since this was movie, it makes sense since they need to make sure doesn’t overextend the plot. I haven’t seen the new Dragon Ball Super anime, but I think it extends the battle scenes. Still, I was content with the movie’s pacing.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is another great Dragon Ball Z film for all fans. If you like Battle of Gods, you will love this film. Personally, if you remember the epic scene in the Dragon Ball Z anime where Goku first transforms into Super Saiyan, take that experience you had a long time ago and relieve it in this film. The fights are fast and intense and really epic. Goku and Vegeta will be sharing the spotlights along with the characters and they do a great job on it. Frieza is still considered a powerful enemy and he proves it in the movie. The movie is like before, it will make you laugh and make you wish you can transform. If you are willing to tolerate the minor things like fast pace story and CGI combat, this movie is truly recommend. Specially, the Dragon Ball Z fans! This movie makes me cry out for Dragon Ball Super.

What’s your opinion about the film? Like it or Dislike it? Comment down below. Bye 🙂


14 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ anime review

  1. I personally really enjoyed the movie. It was really nostalgic seeing Frieza return as a primary antagonist and it was a nice callback to the days when Dragon Ball Z had villains that actually felt terrifying and threatening. Frieza will always be the most terrifying Dragon Ball Z villain solely because of his malice and the sense of threat he brought to the original series.

    I also really liked how a lot of characters we haven’t seen do anything for years finally got some moments, even if they were relatively minor and short lived. And of course it was great to see Beerus and Whis again.

    My only complaint was how they ended it really, which I’ll avoid talking about due to spoilers, and people who haven’t seen the movie yet might be reading.

    All in all, a wonderful return to form for DBZ and I’m really looking forward to getting round to Super once it gets dubbed.

    Great review, keep it up!

    • Great feedback you left here. After reading this, I totally agree with on the topic of Frieza. The movie really reminded us on how powerful he was and it made me remember the times when I first saw him in the Namek Saga. The characters were more involved which was another plus. The ending however, I think I can understand that complaint. :/
      Thank you for enjoying my review and I highly recommend you giving me your opinion. 🙂

      • Any time man!

        I enjoy giving feedback whenever I can, since I myself always encourage feedback and discussion on my own posts.

        And yeah, Frieza was just such a tyrant. Whil later bad guys like Cell and Buu were far stronger and a much bigger threat, I’ve still always found Frieza to be the most memorable and nasty of them all. Sure, he wasn’t as powerful, but the guy had an entire empire to his name and ruled over a massive portion of the universe with an iron fist because he enjoyed it. He wiped out races of people because they wanted to be free. He was a true monster. And bringing him back, stronger than before, was awesome!

        I’m tempted to write a post about this now. Maybe I will! 😀

      • I enjoy your feedback because I like to learn from people’s thoughts and opinions. I am curious. Frieza is powerful like you said because he did have an army. Frieza had tons of followers and that’s made him feared. He even had the powerful to destroy a planet.
        If you do, I will be happy to read it. 🙂

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