TGIF Friday Funny 78: Happy Birthday Big Sis!


Thank God it’s Friday! Good morning everyone. It’s me Matt and I am here again for another episode of TGIF Friday Funny. In today episode, I got some exciting news! The first piece of news is that today is my older sister’s birthday! She was born today, October 14 and it’s a blessing to have her as an older sister. My sister loves to read and her favorite books are Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. She likes to paint, read her Bible and loves to listen to music. She also has a boyfriend but things are going to get better at January! Happy Birthday!!!

In other news in my personal life, I recently got a job and now that I am done with school, I will be gaining work experience. I am working at Amazon! However, since I am working, this also means my schedule might be busy again just like college life. Don’t worry however, I will still be here blogging and on Twitter. 🙂

Last news is that if you still watch Toonami, you may have heard that One-Punch Man has ended. However, a new anime will be joining Toonami and it’s called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Based on the recent promo video, voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch will be the English voice of Jonathan Joestar and Patrick Seitz is Dio Brando. With this said, let’s boogie!

Here are some songs that my sister will love:


If you are not into Disney Songs, enjoy some JoJo Bizarre Adventure opening songs to help bring hype for Toonami premiere!

Happy Birthday sister! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend!! 🙂


26 thoughts on “TGIF Friday Funny 78: Happy Birthday Big Sis!

    • Thank you and she did have a great birthday 🙂 ! Also, thanks for congratulating me! I think I mentioned this above but this also means I might be busy and be late to respond back. However, I will do my best to reply back to everyone. 🙂

      • That’s ok. I get very busy now writing on other sites ect, so don’t have as much time to blog as I used too. Blogging is always here to come back to from time to time whenever you feel like it or have time. Relax, and enjoy your new job 🙂

      • Oh really? At you find time to visit here and visit other sites. I will try to do the same here as well. I won’t forget you and everyone else :).
        I will definitely try to relax XD.

  1. Congrats and best of luck in your new job, and happy belated birthday to your sister. So sweet that you did a post for her.

    Haha, Saitama and Genos belong together 😘 And that getting into JoJo one was me and my partner watching it for the first time. Exactly. JOOOOOOJO!

    • Thank you :). This has been a busy week for both of us. Her birthday was on Friday and I started work.
      I think I can relate with the picture. I haven’t (I will see the anime soon) but I can imagine myself becoming more manilier after each episode lol. Now we wait for Stardust Crusaders!

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