Pokemon: The First Movie returns to Theaters!


Announced at the official website, Pokemon U.S. will be premiering Pokemon: The First Movie in 200 Cinemark Theaters. This first movie hasn’t been in theaters since 1999 and now the very first Pokemon film will be returning to theaters on October 29, Saturday and November 1, Tuesday. The movie will also be screening the Pikachu Short, “Pikachu’s Vacation”. This film has been popular for 17 years. At the site, you can order tickets now. $5 dollars each for October 29 Matinee shows and November 1 evening shows.

This epic cinematic debut stars Ash and Pikachu as they face off against the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.


18 thoughts on “Pokemon: The First Movie returns to Theaters!

  1. It is really cool to see this film returning. I’ve seen it countless times over the years and it is definitely one of the very best. It’s either the second or third best Pokemon film for me. Genesect is my favorite with 2nd place being either this one or Destinty Deoxys. I’ll never forget Ash trying to punch Mewtwo.

    • Haha I remember that scene. If it did hit, that would be Pokemon abuse lol. That part in the film showed that Mewtwo doesn’t tolerate trainers. I haven’t seen the Genesect but I did hear Mewtwo shows up again but it revealed Mega Evolutions.

      • Yes, Mewtwo plays a huge role in the Genesect one and it’s part of why I liked the film so much. They had a Mega Pokemon brawl and the fight scene took some cues from Man of Steel. It was a blast! Mewtwo definitely doesn’t tolerate mere mortals trying to mess with him. He lives up to his title of the Ultimate Pokemon quite well.

      • Yeah I noticed Mewtwo really wants to prove he’s better than any other average Pokemon. That’s why he tried to create super-powered clones and defeat the original version of himself, Mew.
        Really? I didn’t know they took some ideas from Man of Steel. I bet it got better reviews than Man of Steel. (Just kidding. No hard feelings for that movie. If you like Man of Steel, I support your opinion.)

      • Heh, I bet it beat Man of Steel critically as well. No worries, I love Man of Steel, but I also like to poke fun at it as well. Genesect actually directly pokes fun at the whole neck snap moment as it shows a way that I and many other Superman fans claim he should have handled the situation. Sadly, after the Genesect film, the latest Pokemon films have gone downhill to an extent. I’m hoping that the next one rises back to the level that I’m used to for the series.

      • Yeah I like Man of Steel too. The movie is far different than the classic but I guess the director wanted to do something. I did hear that one Pokemon movie that had all the Legendary Pokemon clash each didn’t do do well as expected. I haven’t been keeping up with these new movies.

      • Really? I did hear it was pretty short. Maybe it would have been better to extend the fights. The only time I saw an epic Legendary Pokemon battle was the Arceous one.
        That Hoopa does look like those tricky characters.

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