The Versatile Blogger Award *Halloween Special*

I want to thank Tessa of All About Anime for nominating me for this award! To make this post special, I will be sharing some interesting facts for this Halloween season!



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7 Facts about Matt!

1. I think at one point in my life I was afraid of zombies but ever since I played Zombies in Call of Duty with my brother, I don’t get scared easily by zombies and all I think about is killing them in video games.


2. As a child, I dressed up as Pikachu in Kindergarten. When I got a littler older in Elementary school, I dressed up as a vampire about three times in Halloween.

3. I am not a fan of horror films, regardless if they are good or bad. You won’t see me watch Friday the 13th or Saw.

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum surprisingly scared me. There were moments in the game that caught me off guard like the crazy inmates and even Scarecrow’s hallucinations.


5. When I was kid, I was terrified of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I am thinking about if I do go back to Disneyland, I want to try and go the Haunted Mansion.

6. I own a CD based on the Nightmare Before Christmas movie called “Nightmare Revisited”. The CD has different artists and singers that plays the classic songs in their own versions. Out of all the songs I listened, I enjoy listening to “This is Halloween” sung by Marilyn Manson.


7. Last but not least, I have a anime recommendation for this Halloween holiday today. Just like Shay’s (Anime Reviewer Girl) choice in her video “My Halloween Anime Recommendation”, I have an anime episode I would recommend watching for Halloween. It’s not much as scary but it’s a funny episode where the characters are dressed up. If you are Bleach fan, I recommend watching Episode 304 (I believe?) in Bleach. Ichigo and his friends are monsters and they have to fight Isshin and Ryuken.

bleach-halloween1My 10 Victims!

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That’s all and Happy Halloween!