TGIF Friday Funny 81: Happy Birthday Bro! A Strange Reality!!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another silly and funny episode of Friday Funny! We are in the 11th month of November; a whole new month! Before we begin, here is some exciting news.

First, On November 7th, it’s my younger brother’s birthday! It’s another exciting year and it’s time to celebrate this awesome moment. My younger brother is a cool guy to know. He likes Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and Watch Dogs. He likes movies like Star Wars, Apollo 18 and Jurassic Park. He also enjoys listening to rap songs that are lit. One of the singers he likes is Eminem and he also likes Drake. I have the coolest brother!

Second, Today is also the movie release of Dr. Strange. This is the last Marvel film of 2016 until 2017. Watch as Doctor Strange learn about magical arts and bend reality!

On Saturday night, as way to get ready for Daylight Savings, Toonami will be showing the anime film Children Who Chase Lost Voices. The anime was directed by Makoto Shinkai and it was led by Studio Ghibli. Don’t forget to adjust the time.

With that said, let’s begin the month with a blast!

As a way to end this post, here is some random videos something that me and my brother can enjoy!

Happy Birthday Bro!


30 thoughts on “TGIF Friday Funny 81: Happy Birthday Bro! A Strange Reality!!

  1. Happy birthday to your little bro. I have great respect for anyone who sees the majesty in Star Wars.

    Ha, those Ed, Edd n Eddy pics got me right in the nostalgia. That was a funny show.

    • Thank you very much. Me and My brother love the movies. We are the only ones who pay attention to all 7 films haha. My sister likes the movies too but we mostly seen Episode 3.
      Ed, Edd’n Eddy will always be our favorite cartoon.

      • The prequel trilogy isn’t as bad as all that, episode 1 is worth it just for Darth Maul, and when you think about it Anakin’s transformation into Vader is pretty well thought out. It really is just some of the god-awful writing. Episode 7 is actually my favourite, sometimes I feel like it shouldn’t be, but it has a special feeling about it for me because I only became a Star Wars fan 3 years ago. Didn’t see Revenge in the cinema so Awakens was my first big screen experience of the saga. Hearing the opening fanfare and watching the roll-up brought a tear to my eye.

      • I agree. I like the build-up they did for Anakin. My brother’s favorite character in Star Wars is him and Darth Vader. Personally, Star Wars has the best music. It’s not Star Wars without the opening fanfare.

  2. I saw the doctor strange trailer and as someone who barely watch any marvel or dc shows (I really should go watch them), it looked totally awesome, really want to watch it. ><
    How many years apart are you and your brother?

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