TGIF Friday Funny 86: I want video games for Christmas!



Thank God it’s Friday Hello everyone. Good morning, good afternoon and evening! I’m Matthew and I am here to bring and share some funny memes and gifs for your Friday. Before I begin, I will bring some quick news. The first is being that FUNimation announced that they will be premiering the two Dragon Ball anime on Toonami at January 7th; the first is Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapter. Second, Arria Cross (a great blogger friend) is hosting the 8th Blog Carnival. If you are an aniblogger and want to participate, feel free to visit and follow the rules. Share a post, in regards to anime or manga, and meet new friends. Third, my blogging and YouTuber friend Lita recently did a livestream with my other good friends KatΒ  and Beck. If you missed out, check out the livestream here:

Finally for gamers, the reason why I made this title for this episode is because Playstation recently announced some amazing games. The classic PS hero Crash Bandicoot returns and the company Activision recreate the original 3 games for the PS4 titled “Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy”. Marvel and Capcom return and create the next MvC game called “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite”. There are some amazing video games coming out for 2017 to even mention.

Anyway, let’s begin this Friday!

To conclude this post, here are some new video games I want for 2017.

Goodbye everyone!!!

22 thoughts on “TGIF Friday Funny 86: I want video games for Christmas!

  1. Yay, bro! Another funny set of memes. The Rasengan on is so funny. It’s also the first time I watched Lita & the girls’ livestream vid since I wasn’t available the first time they did. So exciting. And of course thank you very much for the shout-out. I appreciate it very much as always. Cheers!

    • Thank you sister Arria! I appreciate the nice comments. I wanted to watch the livestream on the day of but I got busy with life here. Of cousre I wanted to do a shout-out to you. I want to help support the carnival!

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