Naruto and Boruto News! Film and Anime in 2017

I got some exciting news from this Orange suit, blond hair ninja!


Revealed at Jump Fiesta, it’s confirmed from Lionsgate that the movie director Michael Gracey (who will also do The Greatest Showman) will be directing the live-action Naruto film. Also revealed at the event, Naruto creator Masahi Kishimoto will be helping with this film too.

So in other words, another manga/anime series gets the live-action treatment!


Also announced at Jump Fiesta, the Boruto manga created by  Ukyo Kodachi and Mikie Ikemoto will become an anime on April 2017. Viz Media also confirmed it to be real but it’s unsure when will it be on TV specifically. Kishimoto, original creator of Naruto and Boruto, announced this is another special project he was working on. According to his quote “I plan to make it even better than Naruto“. this anime will surpass the previous anime.

It’s also confirmed that the previous voice actors to the Boruto film will return. This new anime will be called Boruto – Naruto Next Generations.boruto-kv for this anime!



22 thoughts on “Naruto and Boruto News! Film and Anime in 2017

  1. I was commenting on another blog yesterday, about the ridiculous amount of live action movies based on Anime series that are currently being released. Well, there are definitely a few good ones out there: Deathnote, Rurouni Kenshin to name a few. I hope Naruto will be in that category.

  2. I want to be honest. I’ve been a Naruto fan for years now and I grew up with him, but Boruto is something I really don’t understand. I think this just started as fanservice (for NaruHina and SasuSaku fans, for example) but it didn’t stop there and they also decided to make it an anime? The story is pratically the same, as Boruto is exactly like Naruto when he was younger, seeking attentions from the adults and acting like a rebellious child. To sum it up, I think it would’ve been better if everything ended with the last chapter of the manga, but it’s just my opinion. Hope I didn’t sound like I was hating because I wasn’t!

    • Don’t worry, Tenshi. You’re just stating your opinion. No need to worry. I think there are some people who wishes the same. I am just curious to see if it will be a success like Naruto. Naruto started with some ups and downs in the story and I bet the experience the creators went through will help make it better. Who knows, it would be nice to see where will this story go. Naruto won’t be the protagonist anymore.

      • Well, I’m a little curious too, but I probably won’t be following the anime as soon as it comes out. Maybe in the future, when I’ll feel nostalgic about Naruto and his world, I’ll start watching some episodes. It also makes me a little sad that Naruto won’t be the protagonist anymore. I can’t believe all this time has passed since a was a child :’) Either way, thanks for the news! (I noticed I didn’t say it the last comment)

      • You’re welcome. I try my best to keep everyone informed in the news. I probably won’t join in as well either. I want to hear what people say before I jump in. I am just used to the classic Naruto and Shippuden. Anyway, thank you for your opinion. 🙂

  3. I have mixed emotions on the upcoming Boruto anime. But I’m certainly excited considering its new creators. Perhaps Kodachi-sensei and Ikemoto-sensei will offer something fresh and surprising for this new generation. (On a different note, I’m still hoping Sarada is the main lead….an Uchiha this time.)

    • Yeah it’s going to be different. Who knows, maybe it will be good. Maybe it will follow the same formula as Dragon Ball Super. Sarada as the new lead will be interesting. I read the manga about her and her story was very awesome.

      • IKR. And Sarada as the main lead will be a fresh breather. I mean, Boruto’s an interesting character too. But I guess we could all make use of a new protagonist from a different clan this time. But then again, the title is BORUTO….so….well. But I’ll keep my optimism up.

      • True. The title does say Boruto and we still don’t know what kind of adventures will he and friends will go through. Maybe this time, the relation with Boruto and Sarada will be different than Naruto and Sasuke. It would be be nice to see Sarada has Hokage.

      • I agree with you Matt a hundred percent! This will be a big challenge for the creators since they need to create something that would set a unique identity for the new gen compared to their fathers.

      • Yeah exactly. Who knows what will happen. I just hope this anime will leave a legacy like the original. I also hope it doesn’t end up like Dragon Ball GT haha, jk.

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