New Yu-Gi-Oh! anime for 2017 confirmed!


First announced through Twitter, Shueisha’s  Jump Fiesta confirmed that there will be a new Yu-Gi-Oh! anime on Tokyo TV for Spring 2017. According to Japanese’ reports, the anime’s theme will focus on children stepping out and following their dreams. The protagonist, Yusaku Fujiko, is a kid who doesn’t like to stand out in front of the crowd, however, the anime will show him leaving his shell and facing other duelists.

This will be the 6th Yu-Gi-Oh! anime of the series.


10 thoughts on “New Yu-Gi-Oh! anime for 2017 confirmed!

  1. I like Yu-Gi-Oh and all but I am not really looking forward to another series that isn’t gonna bring much to the table. I do wish they’d make a series that would mix it up, story-wise. Though, I do hope the music is as good as always. (Didn’t like Arc-V’s music.)

  2. I’m hyped! I enjoy all things card game related and a new Yugioh series is just what we need to compete with Cardfight and Buddyfight. Seeing the 3 shows duke it out every week is always a blast. Cardfight is the most consistent for me, but Yugioh definitely has the higher peaks. I’m pretty early on in Arc V so I haven’t seen the crossover episodes yet, but I’m wondering how this new anime will try to top that.

    • Yeah it will be interesting to see this new one. As far as I know, Yu-Gi-Oh is very popular and I see it as good as Pokemon. The main character sounds really interesting.

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