NieR: Automata Demo Impression

What do you get when you cross a hack-and-slash video game and a company well known for making game series like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts? In the end, you get NieR: Automata, a video game in which you play as an Android whose duty is to protect the world from evil robot invasion.  According to Wikipedia, this game takes place in the Nier universe, a spin-off story of the Drakengard series. Thanks to Square and Platinum, they recently released a demo for this game on this PS4 called NieR: Automata DEMO 120161128. As a PS4 user and how much I love both Square Enix and Platinum games, I decided to download this demo and see if it’s worth the game.


The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where human life form no longer exists and it is overrun by robots. It’s up to the female Android 2B and her bot to fight against these robots and learn how to stop them. She is also accompanied by another android named 9S. Together, it’s up to them fend off these metal foes.

First of all, I never played any of Drakengard games nor know anything of NieR, but this world was breathtaking. The world looked very empty and it fits in with the themes of a world with no humans. Still, it is still a demo and we have yet to know what and where is the story. All we know is that 2B and 9S are fighting these robots.


In this demo, you only play as the silver-haird female robot named 2B.

Like most androids, 2B is a serious fighter that focuses on completing the missions and lacks some emotions. 2B is skilled with using her katanas and able to move fast as she slice through her targets. She is partnered up with another android named 9S, a young android boy who is quite the opposite of 2B. 9S has some emotions and he sometimes tries to be proper for 2B, even though it’s unnecessary. 9S is equipped with a robotic jetpack filled with fast jets and guns equipped.

While playing this demo, I notice that the relationship between these characters were more human even though they were androids. I like how, even though 9S was an android, he showed feelings for 2B and cared about her safety in the mission. My feelings for 2B was pretty neutral; there was nothing I didn’t like but there wasn’t anything I favored. Once I made it to the climax of the demo (the boss fight), I suddenly got interested in 2B. I won’t go into details but you can see what I mean in the videos I uploaded.

Gameplay (the meat of the impression)

Now this the meat of the post: gameplay!

Just like any other Platinum Game, this game relies on hack-and-slash combat with tricky villains and gigantic bosses. Like I said before, 2B is a fighter that can utilize her swords for fast combat and she has her bot to do the shooting, which actually comes in handy for distant foes.

I have played games like Bayonetta and Transformers: Devastation and I knew what to expect but I didn’t expect to play a huge world like this. The combat, with no exaggeration, is pretty fast and even the bad guys are smart. The game relies on the player to fight fast and use any skill to finish enemies. In this game however, the enemies can come in swarms too.

However, as a gamer who is used to playing fast games, this was icing on the cake. I really like using the sword combat to cut through my robot enemies and fighting giant enemies was epic as heck! Platinum Games is well-known for giant enemies and I wasn’t afraid to fight one. The giant bosses really tests you on your reflexes and you have to be ready for avoid taking damage.

Overall Impression

This game is epic and I recommend it if you are into fast games with troublesome foes. However, if games like smart enemies and giant bosses scare you, I wouldn’t recommend it. Personally, this game will probably be something I would buy especially if it’s done by my favorite companies. The world is huge, the characters feel real and combat is serious. This demo is free for PS4.

NieR: Automata will be available for PS4 and PC and it is set to be released on March 7th, 2017.

If you wish to see the gameplay, check out my playlist of myself playing the game. These videos shows me playing the demo and what to expect. There are six parts to this impression. Comment, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

OWLS Discussion: Bleach – A “Disruptor” in the anime and real world

Jan 2nd

“To disrupt” has a negative denotation, but rather than looking at the verb in a negative light, we are going to use the verb in a positive way. It’s like the word, “protest” which has positive and negative connotations depending on the perspective of the person.

Disruptors: An individual or a group disturbing a system or social norms/conventions that they believe is destroying what is morally right.

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