Top 5 anime look-a-likes!

As an anime fan, you meet a variety of unique and different characters. However, have you seen a character that seemed too similar to another character? I am saying, have you seen a character that looked almost similar in appearance? Sometimes, a mangaka artist or author may create their characters by coincidence or they base it off from someone’s work. If it’s based on works, they either (a) really respect the original artist and wanted to do their own creation or (b) steal the idea and claim it as their own. In this top post 5 posts, I will be showing some anime characters that look strikingly similar to other characters in different works. This will be focused on different works and not on the same genre (in short, this may not be limited to only anime. Also this is not in order. Just things that popped in my head).

5. Mine (Akame ga Kill!) and Saya Takagi (Highschool of the Dead)

one shoots and the other shouts

Personally, these pink-haired girls look and feel similar. Besides the hair color, these girls can sometimes be bossy whenever they are in charge of the male characters. However, their background and their role in the anime is different. In Akame ga Kill!, Mine is part of an assassin team that plots to destroy the corrupt government. With her trusty Imperial Arms, Mine can shoot a powerful blast up close and personal or snipe from a distance. Saya Takagi, from Highschool of the Dead, is a student friend to the male protagonist Takashi Komuro who is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. Unlike Mine, she’s able to coordinate and plan out from attacks from the zombies and she comes from a prestigious family in politics. She’s not much of a shooter but she can give commands in order to survive.

Both these girls can be loud but besides that, they can be caring. Aside from their attitudes, these girls have feelings and reasons why they behave such so. I won’t go into details but once you see the anime, you will learn about these girls.

4. Mello (Death Note) and Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

These blond hair guys may have the same hair styles but they act differently. Armin is from Attack on Titan and a friend to the protagonist Eren Jaegar. Armin helps Eren and his friends by stratigizing attacks and defensive maneuvers when they are fighting the giant monsters, the titans. Mello would rather eat chocolate than kill titans. In Death Note, after what appears to be Kira’s temporary victory over L, Mello and Near (L’s disciples) compete who can get the Death Note (the notebook that can kill anyone). Mello successfully took over the mafia in the United States and even captured Light’s sister and hold her for ransom for the Death Note exchange.

Both these blond dudes are very intelligent but have a different goal in mind. One helps to save humanity and the other hurts humanity to capture a specific human.

3.  Yuri Katsuki (Yuri!!! on Ice) and Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte – the maxim -)

One is a ice skater and the other is just a kid with an alien arm.

Being the popular anime in winter 2016, Yuri!!! on Ice is a sports anime about a young man named Yuri Katsuki who returns from suffering a huge defeat. After his moves were recorded and uploaded online, famous Russian ice-skater named Victor Nikiforov was willing to help coach Yuri and help him succeed in ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Shinichi doesn’t have any ice-skating skills but he does get killing instincts from an alien that took over his hand. When an alien (nicknamed Migi) fails to take over Shinichi’s body, it ends up taking over his right arm. After this incident, Shinichi and Migi must work together as one body if they want to avoid getting killed by other creatures that also come to kill.

The trainer is a famous Russian ice-skater and the other is an alien. I ahven’t really seen Yuri on Ice but from I heard, Yuri is a pretty boy that enjoys ice-skating and he is very sensitive emotionally. Shinichi starts off being a socially shy and timid boy but he later becomes unsympathetic and becomes kind of cold because of Migi.

2.  Noctis Lucis Caelum (Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV) and Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)

One is a prince and from video game and the other is ninja and from a manga.

Based on the video game and served as a prequel, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a short anime series describing the frienship with the main hero Noctis and his companions: Prompto, Gladio and Ignis. Equipped with multiple weapons and waypoint teleportation, Noctis and friends will fight against the opposing enemy kingdom Niflheim. Sasuke is from the popualr Shone Jump series Naruto and Sasuke is a friend/rival to the main character Naruto Uzumaki. After witnessing the death of his clan by the hands of his brother, Sasuke uses the power of hate and revenge to learn all the moves he needs to his brother Itachi. I won’t go into details but this guy is filled with vengence towards even the leaf village.

When I first saw Noctis in the anime adaptation, I couldn’t help notice that he looked just like Sasuke but with black-leather clothes. If I had to choose between hanging out with royal prince or a powerful ninja, I would pick Noctis. If you know the Naruto anime, you will understand why I wouldn’t want to be friends with Sasuke. Noctis may look like a chilled guy and some may think he’s a spoiled brat but deep down, he’s  cool and caring friend. Sasuke is a popular guy to the ladies but he shows sometimes no emotions to anyone and willing to use them for his goals.

  1. Asuna (Sword Art Online) and Aqua (KonoSuba)

One is a powerful fighter and one is powerful whiner

Asuna Yuuki is the girlfriend and game wife to the protagonist hero Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya in Sword Art Online. After being one of the many players trapped in Sword Art Online, Kirito and Asuna works together to defeat the game and escape to the real world. Later on the series, they go back to the VR game world but to fair world called ALFeim Online and they have many adventures together. Aqua is the water goddess in the anime KonoSuba and she serves as a guide to the afterlife. After she meets the male protagonist and NEET Kazuma, she gives him another chance for life and offers him a journey to a world filled with fantasy. However, misfortune happens after she makes fun of him and laughing at his embarrassing death; in order to get revenge, Kazuma takes Aqua with her to the new world and they become trapped together.

These blue-haired girls look similar based on appearance but their personality is different. Aqua may look cute but she will most likely use it to get her ways and avoid dirty work. Asuna is a girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and fight monsters. They each have a male partner but they act differently with each other. Asuna and Kirito has a romantic relationship and Aqua and Kazuma is more of friendly but argumentative friendship. But they both have one thing in common, they are cute!

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed my top 5 posts. Have you seen an anime where you noticed a similar look-a-like with the characters? Comment down below!

64 thoughts on “Top 5 anime look-a-likes!

    • Haha I noticed that too. They are both blonds and they have a piece of hair blocking their eye. I would be scared if Deidara was real. This guy has a short-fused temper. XD

    • Thank you for visiting. Just like the real world, there will most likely be similarities out there. I sometimes try to find out who is similar when I get the chance when watching anime. 😀

  1. Interesting pairs… apparently, both Parasyte and Yuri On Ice have the same character designer- Hiramatsu Tadashi: So I guess that’s why they look like twins. Anyways, this is an interesting post.

  2. There’s Taiga (toradora) and Ookami Ryouko (Ookami-san and her seven companions). I read it somewhere and was impressed how much they were so alike neglecting their height difference 😁.
    And how could I forget this Jellal and Mystican lol ✌

    • I took a quick look and I can see the similarities and difference. Same hair color but one is taller than another XD. I heard from people that Fairy Tail does have characters looking like exactly like other anime characters. It’s fun to see who likes like who. 🙂

  3. Yuuri and Shinichi actually do have a reason to look similar tho: same artist was in charge of their designs haha xD
    Agreed on Sasuke and Noctis! XDD

  4. Ajin’s Shimomura and Baccano’s Ennis look strikingly similar (so much so that during season 1 of Ajin I just kept getting distracted every time Shimomura showed up because I wanted to know why Ennis was running around).

  5. Great list man! It’s always really cool to see characters look so similar. I’ve been planning to have a bunch of blog fights where I have similar characters facing off against each other so these will definitely help! I’d also say that two others are the main characters of High School of the Dead and Buso Renkin as well as the main character of To Love Ru (Be careful when searching that series though, it’s extremely dastardly) and Black Cat.

    • I forgot about that. Main character of Highschool of the Dead Takashi and Buso Renkin Kazuki do look very similar. I heard that the same guy who did Black Cat also did To Love Ru.

      • Unfortunately yes! It was supposed to be a little break and then he’d write the Black Cat sequel, but then the series really took off and he never looked back. I’m still waiting for that Black Cat wrap-up since the series ended with a lot of loose ends, but it seems like I’ll be waiting for quite a while at this point.

  6. Omg so good!! Love this post. There are so many that look a like. Gray from fairy tail and rin from blue exorcist. God there are so many more but I can’t think of it

  7. Awesome Comparisons! Yea there are a lot of characters that are similar in appearance. I never noticed the similarities between Yuri and Shinichi Izumi! But now I can’t unsee it haha.

  8. This is definitely spot on! I’m never able to realise when characters look alike. Mello and Armin is proof of this because I never put these two together despite having watched both Death Note and Attack on Titan.

      • Yes Armin is smart and cute ❤ ❤ lol I love L since he was smart, and determined. Unfortunately he trusted Light in the end. I loved Light at the start and hated L. Then as it went on I fell in love with L and hated Light haha 🙂 🙂

      • Armin is really smart and I am one of the few that likes him. Him and Eren are cool. I had that feeling too when I watch Death Note. I was a Light fan in the beginning but later on, I picked L. After that, I started hate Light.

      • Yes ❤ ❤ Armin is such an important member of the group. Yes they are cool 🙂 🙂 Haha yes, I really hated Light, and felt a little bad for him in the end, but I guess thats what he signed up for. Plus I'm sure Light is a shinigami now.

      • I see him as the brains of the group. I really hope he doesn’t die. Same feeling at the end of Death Note. This is one of the moments I felt sympathetic for an antagonist. There’s a rumor he is one in the ReLight movies.

      • Yeah I agree. I feel like he’s one of the important characters to the group. Light in this anime can either be a protagonist or antagonist. It’s funny how that works out.

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