TGIF Episode 91: Live by the Sword


Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everyone, this is Matthew of Matt-in-the-Hat and I welcome to my kingdom. Before I begin, let me make a personal announcement. I finally beat Final Fantasy XV! I don’t know when will I do a review but I will say this is the best game I have ever played. This was huge game to play but the adventure and story and characters were worth it. With this said here are some other news! If you are an aniblogger (a blogger who posts anime or manga related content) and you haven’t submitted a post to Arria’s 9th Fujinsei Blog Carnival, go do so before Sunday! Like I said in the past, in this blog carnival, anibloggers can submit and share one post about anime/manga to other bloggers and make friends. It has to be anime/manga related or you won’t be able to participate. If you want to be friends with the host, Arria Cross, be nice to her and she will be the best friend online. She likes One Piece and Yuri on Ice.

Be sure to check out the OWLS and read the current blog tour posts about disruptors. It’s the OWLS duties to teach people about self-respect by using our knowledge of anime/manga. The recent posts were done by me, Kat, Venus and Arria. There will be more up ahead.

If you are wondering about the title and wondering why is not something related to Friday the 13th, this is because tomorrow is the Cartoon Network return of the classic cartoon Samurai Jack. On Toonami, they will be bringing back the show by one episode each week from season 1 to the new and final season 5, at 8:30 PM E/T. Samurai Jack is a cartoon show about a samurai Jack who gets sent to the future by an evil wizard named Aku. Jack must defeat Aku and return home. The cartoon was first released in 2001 and left a huge cliffhanger on 2004. It’s been recently reported that the creator Genndy Tartakovsky will finally finish the cartoon in the new fifth season.

Also, from Jan 10-17 is the theatrical movie One Piece Film: Gold! Make sure you grab your tickets and catch the premiere!

Now, enough wasting time and let’s begin the weekend!

To help bring in the hype for Samurai Jack, check out some awesome fight moments from the cartoon!

To end this post, check out this video!