Unboxing – Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (late post!)

This is a special unboxing post of the video game I preordered Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition for the PS4. This was originally planned for the official release, November 29, 2016, but things got too busy at that time. So this may be late but I will be showing you what the Deluxe Editon has and what it looks like compared to the standard version. This game is also available for Xbox One.

If you were one of people like me who couldn’t wait for this game, some of few may have preordered different copis of the game. Game retailers sold three types of preorders: Day One (usually costs like any game about $60), Deluxe ($89.99), and Ultimate Collector’s Edition ($269.99).


The Deluxe Edition includes the following:


  • Outfit: Royal Raiment
  • Weapon: Masamune (FFXV)
  • Recolor: Platinum Leviathan

Two-disc steelbook (art done by Yoshitaka Amano; well-known for doing FF art cover like Final Fantasy IV) including both the Final Fantasy XV game and the Kingsglaive Blu-ray movie.

Overall Product:

This game edition was like a genie lamp in the Cave of Wonders. I couldn’t get the Ultimate Collector’s because of the price so I settled for something smaller but worth buying. I say this Deluxe Edition was worth spending more than getting the standard or Day 1 edition. Here is what the steel-case looked like: The case was very sturdy and the case also had a slip-cover. The slip-cover has the title of the game only. Without the cover, you can see the full image of Yoshitaka Amano art of Final Fantasy XV.



The DE, like I mentioned, includes a paper and instructions in which awards the gamer for preordering the game. The case also includes two cases for two discs: the game and a movie.


Besides the exclusive stuff, I am not sure if every Final Fantasy XV copy includes it but the game gives a suprise gift to the old and new fans. From the company who made Final Fantasy games, the team who created the long awaited game says thank you to everyone who supported the game. They thank those who waited for this long for this game and to those who bought it. Square Enix appreciates their fans. After reading the Thank You Letter, I really felt touched.




The Thank You letter includes the signatures of the team. After a long time and delay, the former Final Fantasy XIII Versus became Final Fantasy XV and it became one of the successful games of 2016. Personally, this game has affected me in many great ways. I could go on and be specific but that’s for another time. I hope you enjoyed this late unboxing post.

Stand Tall, My Friends

31 thoughts on “Unboxing – Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (late post!)

  1. I returned my Deluxe copy. I got good deals on both Amazon and Best Buy, but I probably would have kept it if it impressed me more. The steelbook was nice, but I already had a steelbook from Kingsglaive Blu-ray, and plus I had the Amazon DLC (and a beanie). I didn’t feel like it included enough unique items to warrant it. Hoping their other special editions are a bit better. And make their store exclusive reasonable and available.

      • They might include it later on. For now, they are releasing the Chocobo carnival that is coming soon and we have yet to hear news about the episodes dlc. The beanie would be cool to have but I don’t think I would wear it often.

      • Oooo lost song; I also have that! lol no where near finishing that too! It’s such a grind game, I’m stuck on the level that’s all snow and you can’t really fly around….haha! Psychopass? Hmmm sure as a visual novel…but I utterly failed my first two cases. The hints were obvious but I kept choosing the opposite answer for some reason! I need to start that one over.

      • I barely did the first mission. So far, I am willing to believe what you said. It does feel like a grind game. Still, I am a SAO fan. Not going to hate. So Psychopass is a VN? I bet this is quite a challenging game to play. Makes you really think carefully when doing those missions. Don’t give up!

      • lol yes! Also, i need to finish up Attack on Titan too! Haha new games need to stop being released so I can finish them all! Yeah psychopass is def a VN. Thanks!

      • I don’t have the game but I am fan of hack in slash. I hear that game is tons of fun. I can agree on that too. So many new games and less time! I haven’t seen Psychopass but I hear this game was great. You’re welcome!

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