Unboxing – Hot Topic order (1/17/17)


What’s in the box?

Last week, I used my Hot Cash coupon I recieved from Christmas and bought some merchandise for about $20. Hot Cash is a special coupon used from the retail shop Hot Topic. Hot Topic is a store that sells music and nerd merchandise and apparel. You can buy brands like even like anime, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Doctor Who and cartoons. Anyway, I bet you guys are curious on what I got. I won’t be stalling and it will be a short post!

Fingerless Dragon Ball Z gloves


These gloves are fingerless but they make my hands feel warm and cozy. This has the signature “Z” symbol from the anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Marvel Thor Keychain




Another addition to my keychains, I bought Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Mjolnir also contains the words text written by Thor’s father, Oldin. The words say this:

Whosoever holds This hammer, If he Be Worthy, shall Possess, The Power of… Thor

This was a great addition to my Captain America Shield!

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Blind Box

20170117_113939 20170117_113944

I bet this is what most of you are waiting for. The blind box, displayed here, shows five different characters from the Final Fantasy series. You have 5 possibilities: Cloud (FFVII), Sephiroth (FFVII), Squall (FFVIII), Lightning [Lighting Returns ver.] (FFXIII), Ace (FF Type-0). The character I got is…



This little figure came in 3 tiny pieces that I had to put together: the head, the stand and body. It was kind of tough to put on because the socket was tiny and the head and neck was moveable. You can actually move her neck. Putting them together was tricky because I didn’t want to break it. Once done, this chibi figure was very tiny in my hand.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short unboxing post. I will let you know on what I get next time if I place another order or a chance for another unboxing post.

70 thoughts on “Unboxing – Hot Topic order (1/17/17)

      • Exactly! The good thing about these gloves is that I can use my phone easily. My major problem with my previous is having to take them off just to use my phone. I really do like the orange.

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