TGIF Friday Funny 94: Happy Anniversary!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome to the Carnival… I mean welcome to TGIF Friday Funny. I am Matthew and welcome to another exciting post. We officially ended January and it has been an eventful month. As part of the OWLS, I want to say that the January Blog Tour was a success. You can read everyone’s, including mine, post here. As most of you are aware, this week has also been exciting because of past announcements.

This year marks the 30th anniversary to the game franchise Final Fantasy. Square Enix recently released on updates on games like a Remastered Final Fantasy XII release date, a key image to Final Fantasy VII Remake, and new DLC for Final Fantasy XV! As a reborn Final Fantasy fan, this year will be great and it will hurt my wallet. I will have to spend time on both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts.

Also, if you missed out on the livestream podcast from Weekly Shonen Jump last week, you can watch it below. The American Weekly Shonen Jump announced that 6 new Jump Starts are coming to the new issues as part of the 5 years anniversay of the digital platform Weekly Shonen Jump. Another exciting news discussed that the movie Boruto: Naruto the Movie will be released on March 28th with English Dub. This movie takes place after the story of Naruto and focuses on the new generation of children.

To celebrate the anniversaries, here is some funnies!

Here are some Final Fantasy songs to call it a day!

Stand tall, my friends.

19 thoughts on “TGIF Friday Funny 94: Happy Anniversary!

  1. Tidus’ laugh always creeped me out and as I’m currently replaying FFX I have recently been reminded how creepy it is. Also, how bad some of the movement animation in that game is. Still, I love the story.

  2. Ah…this really brings back some good memories. Even though my gaming days are behind me, I always loved the Final Fantasy franchise. Thank you for sharing all these great videos and ofcourse have a great weekend 😊

    • Thank you for visiting! Final Fantasy is an amazing game series. I am surprised that they are still popular. I want to experience the games. Thank you for commenting.

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