TGIF Friday Funny Episode 95: Stonger, Edgy… Blocky?


Thank God it’sĀ  Friday! Today is another exciting episode of TGIF Friday Funny! Today I got some news and recap news to talk about before we get on with the episode. Today is Friday and if you are planning to watch movies today, today is the movie release of the DC comics kid friendly Batman movie The Lego Batman Movie. If you didn’t like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you might want to watch something funny and friendly like this movie if you liked The Lego Movie. If you want something edgy and epic besides Batman, go check the sequel to 2014 action movie John Wick: Chapter 2. Watch as Keanu Reeves play as former assassin John Wick and takes on the world’s deadliest assassins in Rome.

If you want something edgy but animated, Adult Swim recently released the trailer to the long awaited Cartoon Network classic, Samurai Jack. Not going to be on Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack is coming back in the new Season 5 and based on the trailer, Jack is back but the show is much more violent and intense. Toonami has been recently broadcasting season 1 but now it has been announced that you watch seasons 1-4 at the Adult Swim site for free; all 52 episodes are online and free. The new season will begin on March 11.

If you also been keeping with last weekend news, the United States recently held the 51st annual Super Bowl with the Falcons against the Patriots. The Patriots won with a huge comeback near the end. Also, Lady Gaga performed at Halftime. I hope you enjoyed the movie trailers such as Ghost in the Shell and Logan (my family dissed on Wolverine).

Last but not least, I finished RWBY volume 4! I am ready for volume 5 this fall. Also February 14th is Valentines Day… yippee I guess?

Now, let’s start this episode!

Here is some funny videos to laugh at this weekend!

Good night Gotham!