Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 1 (Season 2, Episode 13) impression

FUNimation synopsis:

As Shinohara and Kuroiwa prepare to take on the Owl, Amon insists on joining the battle. Ayato attacks Touka, and Kaneki comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Yomo, Tsukiyama, and Uta take on Noro, but find him to be a most unexpected opponent.

(This will contain spoilers if you have not seen Tokyo Ghoul season 1)

Taking place right after the last episode of season 1, the battle between Kaneki’s friends from Anteiku, The Doves and the mysterious Ghoul group, the Aogiri Tree, reaches the climax. This anime episode focuses on more than one different character and each as their own battles: Touka against her brother, The Doves against the powerful Owl, Kaneki, and the Anteiku members.

This overall episode is filled with action fight scenes and incredible character development for Kaneki. If you watched the previous season, you will know that Kaneki was a timid guy who tried to live life as half-human and half-ghoul. No matter what happens to him, he will try to resist using his ghoul powers and find other methods to keep his humanity. However, after being brutally tortured by the killer ghoul Jason, Kaneki embraces his inner ghoul and fights for survival. The episode, in essence, shows an all new Kaneki and he literally goes through a major change as if his old self died.

Speaking of characters, we do get to see the returning cast like Touka, Hide and even the Dove member Amon. We also get introduced the mysterious members of the Aogiri Tree. The first member we meet is the one-eyed mask (no, it’s not Tobi from Naruto) Owl. Besides that, we don’t get to see everyone take the spotlight of the episode. The episode concludes with a shocking revelation with Kaneki and it is hinted that it will affect his friends.

Overall, this episode, in my opinion, felt like a prologue to Root A. The climax has reached the limit and the next chapter officially begins in episode 2. Kaneki is no longer the shy kid from episode 1 and he is now a scary ghoul. This episode is big plate of brawl and awe. Kanaki becomes powerful and all this happened in one episode. I really enjoyed this episode and wish to continue more.

What do you think of about this first episode?

Sidenote: The English Dub cast is back and I really like the voice of Kaneki in this episode.

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