Viz releases 6 OVAs for One-Punch Man Blu-Ray DVDs

Originally announced on Wednesday, Viz Media announced that they are releasing the home DVDs of the anime superhero series One-Punch Man. According to the news,Viz Media will be releasing One-Punch Man on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 25th. Here is the price list according to Rightstuf:

  • DVD: $39.99
  • Blu-Ruy: $49.99
  • DVD/Blu-Ray combo: $59.99

However, Viz mentions that people who buys either the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo or just Blu-Ray will receive 6 OVA specials.

The DVD/Blu-Ray combo will also include exclusive goods such as six collectible art cards, and a booklet containing interviews, character profiles, and other exclusives. Each media release will have all 12 episodes of the anime, available with an English dub and the original Japanese audio.

If you want the OVAs, get the combo or Blu-Ray!

12 thoughts on “Viz releases 6 OVAs for One-Punch Man Blu-Ray DVDs

  1. Good, I’ve been waiting to buy this series. I’ll probably wait til the price goes down just a little, but it’s definitely something that I want to own so I can show my parents. I like to gradually get them into more and more anime. They’ve completed Naruto, Are almost caught up with the dub in Shippuden, they finished DBZ and DBGT, Sailor Moon, Black Cat, Megaman NT Warrior, and made it all the way to Sinnoh in Pokemon. One Punch Man is the next stop on this train!

    • I can’t wait to get this anime. My brother is curious about this anime. At least the price is not like Aniplex lol. We getting a lot fo English Dubs and we are almost done with Shippuden. I love English Dubs.

      • Absolutely, I always go with the Dub because it’s so fun. It’s really just a case of me enjoying the whole thing more since I can understand the characters as opposed to reading the subs. I feel like it conveys more emotion to me just like if I spoke Spanish I’d probably like Spanish dubs the most. I do watch Subs when necessary though like for titles that aren’t licensed. It’s really a good time to be an anime fan with everything coming out

      • Yeah I totally agree. I prefer dubs because I am used to English and I don’t have to read and watch the anime together. If there is only subs, I would be willing to watch either way. As long as I can watch the anime, I don’t care if it’s dubbed or only subbed.

      • Yeah, whatever it takes to watch it! The only extreme is when there aren’t even subs, then I’ll at least wait for a fan version. A lot of good anime never come to America so it’d be a shame to miss out on them or bonus OVAs like the Hatchiyack DBZ one.

      • I remember that OVA. I had to buy Raging Blast 2 to watch it. It look pretty cool and I would have liked to see it English Dub. I think DBZ didn’t release that one OVA special with Vegeta’s brother.

      • Yeah, the “Yo Goku returns” OVA seems to have been forgotten. It was a fun enough short so hopefully they can include it in a box set for Super someday

      • Yeah, that one’s another title they should bring over. I always forget it even exists because of how obscure it is. It was definitely a good way to finally adapt the legend of the Super Saiyan

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