Friday Funny 98: Switch out those old blades


Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting episode of TGIF Friday Funny! This month is the first Friday of March, my favorite month besides December. To start this Friday, I got exciting news to share:

First, we got the Marvel movie release of Logan. This is the third and final film of the Wolverine series. Hugh Jackman becomes an older Logan and he must help his old friend Xavier escape from those who wants to rid of mutants. Joining her, is a mutant little girl with the same powers as Logan, claws on her hands but also with feet. This movie will also be rated-R, which also means that the movie will be filled more violence compared to the past PG-13 films.

Second, Nintendo Switch is finally out! Nintendo Switch will be the next console-hybrid in which players can play on the go or at home with friends. The game will have 32 GB storage, automatically have controllers where you can play with friends, and have more games and even 3rd party games. The console will cost up to $299.

Last but not least, The OWLS have started the March blog tour with the topic of sanctuary. Sanctuary is place or shelter where people can feel safe. It’s our job to discuss the important of sanctuary and how is important with anime. OWL member Shay started the tour on March 1st and Lita did hers on March 3rd. Feel free to support them and spread the world about the OWLS.

Now let’s start this Friday with a bang! Let’s hope this post won’t make mistakes like the Oscars or the confusion like the Tokyo Ghoul news.

To end this post, here are some Nintendo videos I found in their YouTube channel!

Have a fun day!