Toonami News: Tokyo Ghoul replaces One Piece

If the news is true and no mistake, this is happening.

Announced early this morning, Toonami announced on their Facebook that starting on March 25th, the long Shonen series One Piece will be replaced with the anime Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul will be taking its spot and if One Piece is taken off, that we will not be getting the Sabaody Archipelago arc on TV.

Here’s a random fact, One Piece joined Toonami on May 2013 starting episode 207.

10 thoughts on “Toonami News: Tokyo Ghoul replaces One Piece

  1. Wow, that’s crazy!! How come One Piece is not going to be on Adult Swim anymore?
    Well, even though I’m sad about One Piece not airing on Toonami anymore, I’m happy that Tokyo Ghoul gets to have a spotlight on the channel. I think Tokyo Ghoul’s popularity will grow even more when it airs.

  2. Season 2 is…different. It doesn’t follow the manga that much, but the action-packed scenes in there are awesome!

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