Final Fantasy XV DLC Review: Holiday and Booster Pack

In this review, I will be talking about the recent DLC packs for the game Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV is a game filled with an amazing story and cast of characters Square Enix wants to continue to make this game even more fun for players by adding exclusive items and content for players. Some are fun to play while others help add a challenge or support to the story. Besides the single DLC like Reglia Decal skins or weapons, Square Enix recently released two DLC packs with a certain amount of content. The first one is called the Holiday Pack and the second is the Booster Pack. They are free DLCs but if you bought the season pass, players will receive exclusive items (If you got the season pass, players will be able to download the packs with plus sign on the side e.g. Booster Pack +). I bought the season pass and I will be going over each pack.

Holiday Pack +

(free version)

Released in December 22nd 2016

Released in Christmas season, Square Enix released the first DLC pack called the Holiday Pack. The pack comes with two versions, one is free and the other for season pass users. The free version has the the following:

・Nixperience Band
・Warrior’s Fanfare
・Choco-Mog Tee*
・Carnival Passport

The season pass includes these:

・Ring of Resistance
・Tech Turbocharger
・Armiger Accelerator
・Blitzer’s Fanfare
・Tactician’s Fanfare
・Key of Prosperity
・Stamina Badge
・Festive Ensemble*
・Photo Frames (Holiday Pack Exclusive)*
・Carnival Passport

Carnival Passport

I will be talking about the season pass for the following review. Whether you got the free or season pass, players will be given the Carnival Passport (unfortunately, this was a limited time and it’s unknown when will the next carnival will come back). This passport grants players an exclusive trip to Altissa where a carnival is held where the people and even Noctis can play minigames in a Chocobo and Moogle themed carnival. When you first get this, you unlock a “special menu” selection in the main menu where in order to go to the carnival, players have to overwrite a recent save file. Once that is set up, players will control Noctis and he will be surprised to see what is going on. The only companions you get is your friend Carbuncle (or whatever name you named them from Platinum Demo). Carbuncle tells you that a carnival is held and you should have fun and explore.

The mingames are really fun and it’s nice to see Noctis have fun when he is not focused on the main story. You can even hear him impersonate Ignis trademark “recipe” quote or how Carbuncle teases him when players are given the ability to take pictures without Prompto. The minigames are can be either to easy to play, tedious or even annoying. Some like Chocobo Obstacle Course is plenty of fun, or shooting targets can be fun and explosive. Some are really frustrating when you have to play diner dash and take orders for customers or catch Chocobo baby chicks. However, the best thing of the event is when you collect the maximum medallions and order a suite ticket. The ticket will allow players to take pictures on a boat and watch the fireworks (almost like something from Disneyland).

Overall, the Moogle Chocobo Carnvial is a fun treat and gives players a break. You can also transfer items to the main story even where Noctis silly clothes within the game.

You can check out my gameplay in this playlist I made.

More Content

Besides the carnival, players will also receive items that can be used in the main game. Players will be able to take pictures with new frames when sharing pictures on social media. If you got any pictures from the game and you want to show everyone, you add fun by adding unique frames.

Also added are some helpful items such the Ring of Resistance in which if equipped, players can use magic like ice or fire without affecting yourself or friends. The Tech Turbocharger allows Noctis to recharge the tech bar and allow players to use your party’s abilities but it stops the Armiger from recharging, the same goes with the Armiger Accelerator but opposite affects. You can even equip the Nixperience Band for a challenge if you want to play the game without getting any exp.


Overall, this Holday Pack was almost like a Christmas Present to the gamers of Final Fantasy XV. Besides the carnival, gamers can have fun playing the game with many items and it makes exploring fun.

Booster Pack +

Strangely enough, I couldn’t find a free pack. I am assuming that the only way to get this is from season pass. The Booster Pack is the send DLC pack for gamers. Unfortunately, this pack is really small and it doesn’t provide muchh content compared to the Holiday Pack. Here’s the following:

・Dragon Drain

The Dragon Drain and Avior are fishing poles where Noctis can fish for more fishes and makes catching them easy. I can’t really comment on them since fishing is not my favorite part of the game because just like real life, I can’t fish well. I guess it does help because they have some good strength. The one I want to talk about is the Ragnarok. The Ragnarok is an exclusive sword for Noctis and it has some ups and downs. The combat of the sword is decent but what makes it amazing is the Teleport strikes. When equipped, Noctis will be able to charge and attack enemies with high power and it causes great damage on the enemies. Personally, this is my favorite item of the pack. What makes this pack disappointing is the removal of the Magitek Exosuit costumes. Originally, the costumes was going to be used be included in the game in which gives Noctis and his friends an edge for fighting. Unfortunately, they removed it because it bears resemblance to the live-action film Power Rangers. It is rumored that these costumes may come back but will be edited.


This DLC pack is helpful when you need help exploring the world of Eos. You can catch fish with ease and probably kill off enemies with the Ragnarok. Unfortunately, this is what it includes, very small content.

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