Live-Action Death Note released date news


If you have been following online, Netflix recently released a teaser trailer to the live-action movie to the manga and anime series Death Note (American version). The teaser revealed the three main casts Light (Nat Wolff), L (LaKeith Stanfield) and Mia (Margaret Qualley). He wasn’t shown but his voice was heard but Willem Dafoe will be Ryuk. Here is the plot synopsis:

Death Note tells the story of high schooler Light, who comes across the Death Note notebook, which gives him the power to kill others simply by writing their name in the book. The Death Note comes with a few extra rules, however, but Light begins to use his powers to kill those he sees unfit to live.

The film will be released in Netflix on August 25.

Personally, this looks really interesting. I just hope it follows the main story like the original. If you guys thought the Ghost in the Shell movie looks terrible or good, check this trailer out.


20 thoughts on “Live-Action Death Note released date news

  1. Normally I am not really a fan of American remakes for popular Japanese series, but I agree with you, the trailer does look seriously cool 😁Cautiously optimistic for this one 😊

  2. I agree the trailer does look awesome, really dig the kind of punk, supernatural feel. Although I really don’t agree with Nat Wolff as Kira, he looks awful. I’m excited to see Keith Stanfield as L, haven’t seen any of his other work before.

  3. I’m highly skeptical, but I’ll probaly watch it. But… I’m already nitpicking. By having this set in a English speaking country, how is the name “Kira” going to be thrust upon Light? As it’s how you’d spell the English world “killer” in Japanese. They’ll probaly glance over it, and quite frankly it’s not a big deal.

  4. It looks like it has potential to be a good film that’s loosely based on the manga, but honestly, I doubt they’d follow the original story very closely, since it would be hard to compress the entire thing into just one film and still keep the pacing okay.

  5. I can’t say I’m behind this one. The trailer didn’t look all that promising for me. The instant Light was appeared I thought it was game over. Still, I’ll be hoping that it’s a good adaption

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