Friday Funny 101: It’s Morphin Time!


Thank God it’s Friday! Today is another exciting episode of Friday Funny. You might be wondering, what makes this day exciting, it’s because I got some important news to share with you all. Today is the movie release of the Power Rangers. It’s been forever since the classic 1995 version but now that we are in 2017, get ready to experience the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with an updated cast and some intense action martial arts combat and Megazord fights. Watch as teenagers with an attitude deal with an evil so powerful that needs to be defeated by a colorful team. This movie is another addition to this March month of movies. Excluding the movie Sword Art Online since some were very limited, we had Logan, Kong and Beauty and the Beast and next week we having the last film of March, Ghost in the Shell.

I also have some gaming news from the people who makes Final Fantasy and really long and delayed titles. Square Enix will be releasing a new collection game of Kingdom Hearts for PS4. The game is called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX and it will include 6 games remastered for the PS4 systems. Personally, this is perfect if you want to get into Kingdom Hearts. If that doesn’t interests we got more stuff for Final Fantasy XV. On March 28th, SE will be releasing a DLC episode that will focus on Noctis’s friend Gladiolus. Episode Gladiolus is a special episode where players can play as Gladio and fight against enemies with a brute strength.

Last but not least, we got some birthdays coming up! This Sunday is my mother’s birthday. Not only it will be her birthday but it will also be my parents anniversary! My birthday is coming up too and it will be on March 28, on Tuesday! I will also be doing a special post on my birthday on Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled!

So let’s start this day with a celebration!

To end this post, here is a collection of videos to pump up this weekend!

Kingdom Hearts 1.5

Kingdom Hearts 2.5

Good bye and have a wonderful weekend!