Friday Funny 102: Attack on Hackers


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another exciting episode of TGIF: Friday Funny. This is another special episode because today is the last day of March 2017. It’s been fun in March while it lasted. For me, we had our ups and downs. We laugh, we cry and we smile through this day with sweat and blood. If you guys didn’t know, this week was birthday on March 28. I did a special shout out/top posts on Tuesday, I wrote about my experience in Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo and I shared you a post of my gifts.

One of the saddest news I found that the creator of High School of the Dead Daisuke Satō, died on March 22nd. Rest in peace and thanks for giving us a great zombie series.

Speaking of series, get ready for this weekend because they both have something to do with anime. Today is the live-action movie adaptation to the classic anime Ghost in the Shell. In this movie, Scarlett Johansson plays as the Major, first human to be a cyber-enhanced super soldier, as she must stop a hacker terrorist and find the truth about her identity.

Also, coming out on this weekend, we got long awaited season 2 of Attack on Titan. Eren and his friends must fight the titans again but this time, watch as they face new and old titans and uncover the hidden mysterious about the wall. If you are not into that, get ready for the second season of Weekly Shonen Jump’s superhero series My Hero Academia. Deku and his friends are back and they must use their quirks to get stronger and survive in order to become superheros. FUNimation will be simulacasting this anime and Crunchyroll will be doing the same as well for AoT. Let’s hope this is not a prank.

Now, onward to this titan sized Friday!

To end this post, here some Titan videos!

Check out this funny fan-made honest trailer of Final Fantasy XV made by MeticulousOtaku . In this video, she tells her opinion on one of Final Fantasy XV’s hardest missions and describes it in a funny manner.

Time to say good bye. Watch out for Batou!

12 thoughts on “Friday Funny 102: Attack on Hackers

  1. Finally, a Friday where I don’t have work so I can enjoy the festivities! Aside from homework, I’m planning to finally complete Alter Echo, watch some anime, play some Sm4sh, and get a little farther in Breath of the Wild. It should be a great Friday!

  2. Noooo not Connie! And oh god, the Spongebob/anime crossovers give me so much life. I honestly feel like I’m Batou in that one scene way too often. 😂Gonna go see Ghost in the Shell tomorrow, so psyched! Happy Friday Matt!

    • Haha you can’t go wrong with Spongebob lol. I never expected to see Batou do this in the anime. I want to see the movie. Have fun and let me know what’s your opinion. 🙂

      • Looking back on this…I saw it–and LOVED it, which not many people did. Makes me sad. I mean, I understand why. Controversial casting, “mediocre” story, but hey, the visuals sure were pretty. I honestly loved it all, and I hope if and when you get the chance to see it you’ll enjoy it too! 🙂

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