Friday Funny 105: Interstellar!


Thank God it’s Friday! We finally made it to the weekend and oh boy, I really need it. I hope everyone is doing great this week and I hope your Easter was good as well. Over here been good in my personal life except that I had to wake up pretty early on both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully tomorrow I can sleep in and catch up with some sleep. Embarrassing as it sounds, this week has been really slow for my blog. I actually got some reviews I want to do but I need some motivation to help me get started. Sorry for the lack of content. I do, however have some recap news and some news in Toonami.

The recap news is that the anime Hyouka and anohana will be receiving English Dub translations! Hyouka first set of the DVDs is planned to be release this summer in July. Anohana will be directed by Patrick Seitz and it will have a cast of professional English voice actors to provide the character’s voices. In news with Toonami, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is over. It’s time to say good bye to Joseph, Hamon, Speedwagon, Pillarmen and many more. Let’s hope that Toonami will later broadcast Stardust Crusaders and introduce Josuke and the Stands. Replacing JBA is the second season of Attack on Titan! I have yet to see the 2nd season and I am actually surprised that we getting the English Dub early. If you are like me who prefer English anime, tomorrow is the English Dub release of AoT season 2 on Toonami. Also, the five short episodes of Sand Whale and Me is also over; you can watch all the episodes in Adult Swim site.

That’s all I have to offer today, let’s start this funny Friday!

Here are some random videos I found that I think are entertaining. Booyakasha!

Have an Interstellar Friday!