Friday Funny 106: Need help laughing? I can fix that!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of TGIF Friday Funny! I hope everyone is okay and survived this week. If you guys didn’t know, this week is the last full week of April. Wow! Another month has ended and we already getting close to May. May will be busy because of many things like the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Mother’s Day, my dad’s birthday and we got another blog tour for May. As we get ready for the weekend, get ready for a new episode of the English Dub Attack on Titan season 2 and another episode of Samurai Jack season 5. We only have 4 more of episodes of Samurai Jack!

In my personal life, I recently preordered the game Sonic Mania; the game is set to be released for September 22nd. Before I forget, mark your calendars for April 29th, 8pm Central/ 9 pm EST because my OWLS members Kat, Naja and Lita will be doing a Livestream on this April’s Blog Tour.

With this said, let’s begin the Friday post!

To end this post, I want to end with something different. If you seen my tweets,Β  I reviewed the DLC to my favorite video game Final Fantasy XV, Episode Gladioulus. I also completed all trophies. I will be sharing some music as if Gladio made Β a playlists. The character Gladio is known for his brute strength and fighting strong enemies, so I compiled some music that describes him; in short, a playlist. Enjoy these songs and get an idea on what kind of guy is he πŸ˜‰

Gladiolus Playlist:

That’s all folks. Get ready for May!

13 thoughts on “Friday Funny 106: Need help laughing? I can fix that!

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