Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy news: 3 more years?!

According to recent news from Square Enix, the upcoming anticipated video games Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake are expected to be released within three years or more. President Yosuke Matsuda states that these games will probably be out in the fiscal year of 2018 or more.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura states that this time span fits in with these games. In his words, they have “still have a way to go”. Square Enix is also recruiting people to help work on the game Final Fantasy VII Remake.

20 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy news: 3 more years?!

  1. 3 YEARS CONFIRMATION! I DON’T CARE! I’M HAPPY! FINALLY SOMETHING TO GO ON! Sorry for caps but i’m just excited to use my super secret time machine to go 3 years in the future and play this game.

    Ignore what I said.

  2. This is definitely getting brutal. If Square says that it’s 3 years then it’s probably 5. I just want KH III to make it in time for PS4…not PS5! I know it’ll be absolutely amazing once it comes out, but we’ve been waiting for around 10 years now. Lets not make it 20

    • Yeah that’s my biggest fear. I want to get this game for PS4, that was the reason why I got the PS4. I know it FFXV this long to make but let’s not repeat that again.

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