Manga News: Hunter x Hunter returns

According to the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump website, Yoshihiro Togashi’s hiatus series Hunter x Hunter will be coming back on June 26th!

The manga went on a hiatus last year in April due to the author having really bad, lower back pains.

Let’s keep our fingers cross and hope it stays on the magazine much longer.


12 thoughts on “Manga News: Hunter x Hunter returns

  1. Togashi should really put an this manga if he doesn’t want to continue (he has taken too many breaks, let’s be honest). I LOVE HxH and that’s why I don’t want it to continue only because the author feels forced or things like that… If things keep going this way One Piece will finish before Hunter x Hunter!
    Either way, thanks for the news 😁

  2. Good to see the series finally coming back….at least for one volume. Time to see it put everything else in their place. Hopefully Killua can show up, that’d be pretty cool.

  3. It’s better if this manga is put to an end – regardless of where it’s at. Too many hiatus and the author has health problems.

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