Sekirei (season 1) review

Rightstuf describes it:

Minato had no luck with the ladies until the day a well-rounded warrior-babe named Musubi fell into his life – and crushed his face with her ginormous cleavage. Hunted by a stunning pair of twin sisters, Musubi was searching for the right guy to give her a squeeze and unlock the hidden powers lurking beneath her ample assets. Minato fits the bill, and now he’s caught in the middle of a supernatural slugfest in which voluptuous vixens take turns beating each others’ clothes off!

(No spoilers)

(The DVD I owned is not from Madman Entertainment if you are wondering. I just found this wallpaper and wanted to use it.)

After hearing that this anime’s license was going to expire because of the deal with Aniplex and FUNimation, I had to quickly buy this complete set. In this review, I will be talking about my opinion towards this anime without spoiling the series.

Story – Pokemon with Cute Girls

The story begins with Minato Sahashi finding out that he failed his entrance exams and is unable to go to college. If that wasn’t bad enough, his life gets bizarre when a mysterious girl named Musubi literally falls from the sky and lands on top of him. He finds out that she is a Sekirei, special humans with special powers, and he learns that he is an Ashikabi, a human with special traits that allows them to have Sekirei and be their master. The more he learns about these Sekirei, the more he is involved after he finds out that he is also part of a dangerous game called the Sekirei Plan. The Sekirei Plan is a series of game events where Sekerei and their master Ashikabi must fight all the Sekirei and be number one and it is all being controlled by the company behind it MBI. MBI, Mid Bio Informatics, is a secret company led by founder Minako Hiroto and discoverer of the Sekirei, and they are the ones who is in control of the Sekirei Plan. Minato must work together with his Sekirei and fight to win to keep his Sekirei and stop the games.


Sekirei is an anime series that is harem, ecchi and action and the first season has 12 episodes and on the DVD, it has an OVA. Much like most harem series, Sekirei stars an average male character with a group of girls who loves him and has a strong devotion to protect him. Sekirei is an anime that mixes action and ecchi that most viewers would expect to see; girls fighting and clothes ripping. I would not recommend kids watching this. Besides content, the anime has a slow steady pace in which we we get to meet most of the characters before the story intensifies near the end of the season. As viewers follow the story, we can see how close the characters are when Minato bonds with the girls and we see how he values his Sekirei. The main girls in the series are quite funny and adorable whenever the story gets funny when they compete for Minato’s affection. The action moments in the show is pretty decent when you first watch it from the beginning but it get’s really intense and interesting when you get to the near end and this is where the story gets serious. I won’t spoil the serious parts but I will tell you that some people in the Sekirei Plan value their Sekirei very much.

Characters – So many characters but only few gets screen time

The main focus that gets most of is Minato and his Sekirei, everyone else has minor spotlight. Usually, the anime gets funny when the girls bicker and try to win over Minato and some even do remarks which adds more humor. The main girls have their own personality and it really makes me feel for them. Girls like Musubi’s innocent devotion to Minato and how much is important to love one another while girls like Matsu, a smart intelligent girl likes to stalk Minato and  enjoy some funny drama and fights. What interests me is Minato, the main male character of the series; even though he is not the strongest character in regards to physical strength, his heart and morality makes it up. Reason being is that he cares about his Sekireis very much that he is willing to stand and protect the girls from elimination even if it means death. I also like Seo Kaoru (voiced by Ian Sinclair) because he helped Minato and his friends even though he would help with a fee; it’s a shame he didn’t get a lot of spotlight. As viewers watch the anime, they will soon get attached to these characters as well as despise some who doesn’t deserve love, in my opinion, I despise the selfish Ashikabis and the Disciplinary Squad.

Overall – Worth it?

Is Sekirei worth the watch? That depends. I enjoyed the characters and the bond they share with Minato but I felt like the action could have been a little bit better. I know that this was ecchi and mostly focused on fanservice but maybe it’s just me but I feel like we could got more fight moments. It did get better later on but not until the last few episodes where fights were serious and fanservice was not the main priority. I did enjoy the English Dub on the characters. I felt like this season was well done as it focused on mainly on the characters as opposed to the main story of the Sekirei Plan. If you like fanservice with a hint combat with mix of Pokemon elements and “Hunger Games/Battle Royale” themes, you might like this anime. The opening song has lovely tune and the ending song is a fun listen if you are watching it on DVD or streaming, it is actually funny because the girls are replaced with men who flirt with Minato.

Anyway, if you seen this anime, what do you think about the first season of Sekirei?


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