Friday Funny 115: Hello July!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another hot Friday and I am happy to say that we finally made it to this day. Today is the last day of June and we will now be approaching to July! As we get ready for July, a lot of exciting things are coming to us. First, the OWLS will be entering a new blog tour topic and today will be the last day of the June’s topic Team. Also coming in July is the upcoming Spider-Man film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in which will take place in the MCU and after Civil War. The movie will be out in theaters in 7/7 and it will have Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Also, Independence Day is on July 4th, which means fireworks and barbecue! Please don’t use illegal fireworks or play with fire!!!

Also, I finally got my hands on the DLC for Final Fantasy XV, it’s called Episode Prompto. After the issue with Sony and the PSN store, I was able to play as Prompto without spending money since I also have the season pass. Hopefully, I will do a review on this DLC like I did with Episode Gladiolus.

Let’s end June with a blast!

To celebrate this release of Episode Prompto and to conclude this post, I went and made playlist featuring songs that could fit to Prompto. Just like in episode 106, I did playlist of Gladiolus and I chose songs that might fit him. Today it will be songs all about Prompto. If played Final Fantasy XV and don’t agree with some of the songs, comment below what do think matches with Prompto. Anyway, let’s listen to music.

Prompto Playlist:

Bye friends and God bless you all!

8 thoughts on “Friday Funny 115: Hello July!

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