Friday Funny Episode 116: The Amazing Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man!


Thank God it’s Friday! Look out, here is comes another episode! In this episode we are on the first Friday of July and the summer weather has been very brutal here. I hope everyone had a safe Independence Day and got some rest from the loud fireworks. I am going to be like JJJ and just say that today is the movie release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland is the current Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Tony Stark/Iron Man is in the movie mentoring him. Spider-Man: Homecoming will take place after Captain America: Civil War and Peter wants to be more than a friendly neighborhood hero and be an actual hero like the Avengers. He is going to face a tough foe called the Vulture and he must learn what is means for great responsibilities.

Even though this game will not come out until 2018, IGN compiled some comic books to prep for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game. If you plan to buy this game and want to see where the creator’s got influence, you can learn from these.

Also, last but not least, the OWLS started the month with a new blog tour topic about Mirrors. Recently, Shay talked about Paradise Kiss, Arria discussed The Ancient Magus’ Bride and I talked about Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Today is Zoe of Let’s Talk About Anime. Please sshow your support by visiting these blogger’s post and spread the word of OWLS, together we will fight to improve self-respect.

Let’s start this amazing Friday!

Look out, here comes the vids!

The Movies:

Sam Raimi

Marc Webb

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