Sekirei Pure Engagement (Season 2) (Possible Spoilers!)

Rightstuf describes it:

A clandestine organization known as the MBI has issued an edict that threatens to end the lives of Minato and his luscious companions once and for all! The cutthroat organization’s Sekirei Plan will force all busty brawlers and their masters to engage in a flesh-baring fight to the finish. Only one amazing pair will be left standing when this curvaceous cavalcade of carnage has come to a conclusion. Does Minato have what it takes to survive the bombastic barrage of breast-jiggling blows coming his way?

(May contain spoilers if you have not seen the first season. I will keep the spoilers a minimum.)

Minato and his Sekirei are back for another season of Sekirei. If you made it this far in the series and you are liking it, the characters return in this new season filled with more action and more lovely girls. Here is a top 4 quick refresher to the series:

  • Minato is the main protagonist of the series and by Season 1, he has 4 Sekireis (Musubi, Kusano, Matsu and Tsukiumi).
  • Sekirei: Powerful creatures who appear as humans but with powers. They are servants who obey their Ashikabi.
  • Ashikabi: A master (in essence “Pokemon trainer”) to the Sekirei. Only certain people have a special trait where they command Sekireis and even obtain and/or power them up with a kiss.
  • There are four stages of the Sekirei Plan. According to Wikipedia, season 1 covers the first plan and season 2 does the second plan and leading up to the third plan.

Story – Second verse same as the first with drama

Taking place after season 1, Minato and his Sekirei is trapped in their home region under the eyes of MBI. After the success of helping their friend Ashikabi Shigi and his Sekirei Kuno escape from the Sekirei Plan, Minato and his friends rests and tries to stay hidden from MBI and other potential players. As usual, Minato is stuck with trying to have a normal life but also having to risk his life to protect his Sekirei. He meets new Sekirei and Ashikabi who either wants to be his friend or enemy. To add into the drama, there are some Ashikabi are trying to form alliances to survive and hope to win the game. By the second half of the series, the story decides to add some intense moments where MBI unleashes a new rule where any Ashikabi with their Sekirei who does not intend to participate must be defeated and eliminated. This situation adds more load to Uzume. the veiled Sekirei and friend to Minato and his Ashikabi, where she also forced to fight in order to protect her bond with her master, Chiho.

Just like season one, the anime tend to shift back and forth to either comedical moments and sometimes the action part of the show. However, I feel like with the results after what happened to season 1, the anime sort of got a little bit series with the current situations. Personally, I feel like some parts of moments of season 2 recycled moments from season 1. Here is why:

  • Minato gets more Sekirei but in a similar situation just like Musubi and Tsukiumi,
  • A valuable member that is close to Minato loses.
  • Minato and his friends have to go through another life and death situation.
  • Seo comes back to help them.

None of the less, this anime can still be entertaining and provides a interesting story. I will admit, I was bothered by the fact the anime ended with a cliffhanger after finishing this season. I want to see the characters go through the third stage of the Sekirei Plan.

Characters – Getting to know more of the Sekirei

There is not much to say about Minato and his friends besides that they are still the silly bunch and Minato is shy but brave young man who will jump in the enemy lines to save a friend. With his character, we also get to see the internal conflicts of some of the characters like Uzume and Kagari. I won’t go into details, but the silent Kagari going through a battle that is more internal and frustrating compared to the situation outside. We also learn a little bit of Minato’s mother and how does she play part of the plan. Just because this anime is ecchi does not mean it will have dark moments. There is one part of the anime where Sekirei do get little respect and are treated as objects such as being verbally abused and belittled. This part of the season even talks about Matsu’s backstory and the Disciplinary Squad and Sekirei #8. Like previously mentioned, this season deals with some seriousness that adds conflict to the characters.

Conclusion – Part 2 better or worse

Is this season worth it? Personally, if you like the first season and can tolerate the the ecchi scenes, you can handle this anime. The anime adds more characters to increase the fun and also action compared to the first season and once you get hooked on the story, you will most likely want to see what will happen to everyone. The English Dub is good, art/animation is well done and character development is a plus on the story. The only disappointment after watching this is that we may not get a third season. This is one of those anime where it gets a season 2 and just stops. Good news however is that Yen Press, English Manga company, are licensing and releasing the manga where fans can relieve Sekirei and push forward to the third and final stage of the series. If it’s possible, try and find a copies of the complete collection or seasons because FUNimation no longer holds the license to the anime and it will be going back to Aniplex of America.

Comment on your opinion on this anime season if you seen it. Thank you and see you at the next stage!


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