Final Fantasy XV DLC Review – Episode: Prompto

Game site synopsis:

It’s time for Prompto to take centre stage in his very own episode!

Become the cheerful gunslinger himself and experience a brand new storyline, wrapped in thrilling Third Person Shooter gameplay. Separated from the group in a harsh arctic environment, Prompto heads off to the place of his birth to uncover the truth of his mysterious origins…

(Warning: May contain spoilers if you have not completed past Chapter 12! It will also have some spoilers of the Episode but only a minimal.)

Joining Gladiolus and the rest of the DLCs, it’s time for everyone’s favorite Chocobo/Photographer/Gunner’s character to take the spotlight. In this episode, Players will be playing as the comedical and now currently serious character Prompto Argentum. I won’t be spoiling the story of this DLC but I will be talking about a little bit of the story from the main game story and the game mechanics. By the end of the review, it’s up to you to decide if this Episode is better, worse or even to Episode Gladiolus.

Story – I am all of me

Taking place after Chapter 11 and during Chapter 12, the Episode begins with Prompto walking through a snowy blizzard after being accidentally attacked and pushed off the train by his best friend Noctis, in which was a set up by the antagonist Ardyn. Prompto soon gets captured by Magitek soldiers and taken to an Empire’s laboratory base. As Prompto tries to find a way to escape from the enemy’s clutches he soon realizes the terrible truth about his origins. After he meets Niflheim’s Magik Infantry researcher Verstael Besithia, he learns that he was actually born under the kingdom of the Empire and he is the son/clone of this mad man. To make matters worse, Prompto was supposed to be one of the Magitek Infantry (those robot soldiers you fight in the game) but he was kidnapped as a baby from a Lucian spy. As he tries to escape from the Empire and deal with this turn of events, he comes across with Aranea Highwind, former captain of the Empire and Dragoon fighter, and they work together to escape from Niflheim and fight off the experiments.

When I first saw the trailer, I knew this side story wasn’t going to be fun and giggles. I remembered beating chapters 13 and 14 and I was shocked to see Prompto with a barcode and mentioning he was a MT after he was saved by Noctis and his friends. Ever since I beat the game, I was curious about Prompto’s origins and why was he trying to hide it from the moment. The story of Episode Prompto was quite dark and sad; It was really different to see Prompto, a funny character in the game, to have a serious and depressing side. Prompto showed us a side he hardly shows in the game which was loneliness and the fear of hurting others and feeling as if he is a burden. Another interesting character I really admired was Aranea. Aranea was like the female version of Gladiolus in which showed me that she is no pushover and doesn’t want to see anyone giving up. In the game, she pretty tells Prompto to stop thinking about what others will say or do and think about what he wants, which was to return to is friends and help them.

Gameplay – Metal Gear Prompto

Unlike Noctis and definitely not Gladiolus, Prompto play as an agile shooter with a little bit of stealth. In the beginning of the game, you rely on shooting and dodging attacks from the Magitek soldiers. There are times where you can perform stealth attacks in which not only kills enemies instantly but you can also steal weapons. You will be using his signature pistol which as unlimited ammo but it is not as powerful. You can use sniper rifles, bazookas and assault rifles, and grenades and each has a limit to the ammo. You can use a blade for close combat if you are more into slicing like Noctis but without the teleportation. As Prompto, you can even take snapshot selfies in combat if you ever want to take a picture of the robots before you kill them. The game also includes a little open world area in which you can ride on a snowmobile and drive around performing side missions. Just like Cor in Episode Gladiolus, Aranea is your partner and she is a strong fighter when she deals with a wave of enemies or giant enemies.

It was fun playing as Prompto and I will admit, it was okay. I was more comfortable with playing as Noctis and whenever I play as Prompto, I had to be very cautious since I was weaker. The shooting was cool and it reminded me of the game Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. I think I also spammed Aranea’s special attack when I was having trouble fighting bosses.

Extras – Training and Racing

After you beat the game, players are giving new modes to expand the gameplay. There is Intensive Training where you fight against Aranea and then there is also Score Attack where you ride the snowmobile and race down/up the slope for a perfect score in three tracks.

As much as I like more fun, this is where I lose my cool in both of these modes. Intensive Training was tough but fighting Aranea wasn’t what made me mad, the camera was wonky. At first, the camera does well in the first half of the fight but whenever Aranea tried to attack me in midair, the camera as trouble focusing on her when I lock on to her in the air. However, after a couple matches, I won against Aranea. Score Attack will be the bane of my existence! Racing down or up may sound fun and easy but the snowmobile’s sensitivity is too high! For example, one time I was racing down the slope and gaining speed from the crystals, after I made a huge leap from a bump, the snowmoble lands and loses control as if you slipped on a banana peel or drive like SpongeBob in his driving test. I even, one time, drove off the track after bumping into a small object and I had to start all over again. The snowmobile is the worst in regards to collision control.

Conclusion – Better, Worse or equal?

Episode Prompto is a great narrative to the main story of Final Fantasy XV. It was interesting to see a different side of Prompto and I am glad we got to learn more about Prompto and have fun with his skills in combat. It may not be combat focused like Noctis and Gladiolus but this makes the game much more of a challenge. It was awesome to have Aranea to help out and use her skills to fight once again and I like her a lot as she helped Prompto build up his spirit and regain confidence. I didn’t like the camera performance and the snowmobile’s sensitivity. The camera needs a better focus and the snowmobile needs to be worked on especially if it can’t even land properly. Nevertheless, I am glad to play as Prompto and see through his eyes on his solo adventure. I even got Squall’s gun for completing the game, the Lionheart.

What do you guys thought about this Episode DLC? Comment down below on your experience. See you next time in the next episode, Episode Ignis!

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