Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete review

Righstuf synopsis:

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is a movie sequel to the original game.

Two years have passed since the events of Final Fantasy VII and the ruins of Midgar stand as a testament to the sacrifices made in order to bring peace. However, the world will soon face a new menace. A mysterious illness is spreading fast. Old enemies are astir. And Cloud, who walked away from the life of a hero to live in solitude, must step forward yet again…

(This review will have minor spoilers to the video game, but I won’t spoil the movie.)

Besides of being a fan of Final Fantasy XV, I first got interested in Final Fantasy VII after playing Kingdom Hearts. However, I never played Final Fantasy VII on the PS1 and I unfortunately got spoiled after watching this movie and doing research. I did however play the spinoff games like Crisis Core starring Zack Fair on the PSP and Dirge of Cerberus with Vincent Valentine on PS2. In this review, I will be talking about this movie and what makes it “complete” compared to the previous versions on standard DVD.

Story: 2 years since after

Just like the synopsis states, the movie takes place two years after the events of the classic Final Fantasy VII game from the Playstation 1. Midgar is in ruins after Cloud and his friends tried to save the planet from the villain Sephiroth and in result, the people of Midgar had to evacuate to a new city called Edge. The protagonist Cloud Strife and his childhood friend and AVALANCHE partner Tifa Lockhart decides to open up a delivery service and help take care of orphan children. Even after the events and peace seemly present, Cloud sends himself in isolation and unable to forgive himself after letting Aerith get killed by Sephiroth and feeling like a failure to Zack’s dream of being a hero. To make matters worse of the story, three mysterious people who have resemblance of Sephiroth emerges from the shadows and are searching for someone called “Mother”. Also going on in the same time, a mysterious virus has appeared and plaguing all the children and even Cloud and causing them pain. It’s up to Cloud and his friends to save the children and also stop these three villains from achieving their goals.

The story of this movie is quite the enjoyable ride. The movie briefly mentions parts of the events in the past games and it helps viewers understand what has happened in the past. Even though my knowledge of FFVII is lacking the backbone, I was able to understand the plot and follow the characters in their dialogue and actions. The down side of the movie is that not everyone is going to enjoy the film if you are new to Final Fantasy VII or anything FF. If you are fan of this story, you will definitely pick up the story and understand all the characters. I will admit, as much as I enjoyed the movie, it does have some flaws. The movie is filled with more action and less narrative; the characters tend to fight more and actually talk and have conversations and even if it did, it is not too long. From the beginning to the end of the movie, the heroes are always fighting and it surprises me to see Cloud to continue fighting with a little bit of break time.

Complete version

Unlike the DVD version, the Blu-Ray Complete version includes scenes that were removed from the movie and reveals scenes that makes the movie better in my opinion. I won’t cover every scene but I feel like bringing them up. In the beginning of the movie, Kadaj, in a helicopter, tries to go to a crater and try to pick up his teammates from a mission but unfortunately is forced to leave because we get to see the arrival of the antagonists Kadaj and his “brothers” Loz and Yazoo. Another scene to bring up is how Cloud meets the orphan child Denzel, we get to see how did he get brought up in the movie and where does he play his role. Overall, these are scenes that gives us some details in the story that makes it better than the DVD.

Characters – 3D models with voices

One of the biggest transition from the game is that the movie provided voices for English and Japanese for the characters and the characters are molded in 3D and not pixels. Personally, the 3D models are amazing and it helps show combat scenes more entertaining. I only watched the movie in English Dub but I really like Steve Burton playing as Cloud and Steve Blum play as Vincent Valentine; I think the English Dub is great. It’s amazing to see how they really detailed the characters from their PS1 predecessor.

Besides the appearance, let’s talk about the character’s traits and personality. Cloud is a mopey kind of guy who wants to be alone and do things without help while others say he should be more open to fight together. I haven’t much of the games but I imagine him like this even in the game where he always has an attitude. The movie does only focus on Cloud and his interaction with the side characters and we learn more about him as much as in the games. We also learn the twisted mind of Kadaj though his actions and dialogue whenever he talks and fights. In essence to this, the story focuses on Cloud and Kadaj by action and phrases.


Is this movie worth watching? As much as I enjoyed the movie, it may not appeal to others if you are newcomer to FF. The story may be confusing if you don’t know who are the characters and what is going on in the story; however, if you are fortunate like me and just go with the flow, this movie is quite entertaining. The action is over the top fast and resembled sword actions similar to anime like Bleach or Sword Art Online and the Dub is really good. The music is one of the best things to listen and one of my favorites is the rock version of the One-Winged Angel. Characters are amazing but I kind of wish we got more spotlight for the rest of the characters like Barret or Cid or even the Turks Reno and Rude (these guys were really funny). Thanks to this movie, I got interested to Final Fantasy more.

What do you guys think of the movie? Was it good, bad or meh? Comment down below on feedback!

~Dilly Dally Shilly Shally~

24 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete review

  1. I greatly enjoy your Final Fantasy reviews since they’re filled with passion and I can read how enthusiastic you feel about this topic, and I remember how much I loved the movies, but as it came to the actual games I had some in Japanese and sadly I couldn’t understand a thing.

  2. My favorite part of the movie is the victory theme. That really got me the first time I watched it. It’s really amazing how much work they put into making Complete after the original.

    Hoping to play a modded version of FFVII really soon. (Well, I started, but the New Threat was undergoing a big updated, so I waited.) FFVII fans are so dedicated.

    • I never noticed that when I first saw this movie. Now after experiencing Final Fantasy, I thought it was neat treat and it was funny hearing Loz answer his phone with the ringtone. I also agree with you on how much effort they put into the Complete movie. I need to play FFVII before the Remake is done.

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