TeamFourStar dubs an anime!

Recently announced in their Twitter, TeamFourStar, a non-profit company team where they dub anime parodies such as Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Hellsing: Ultimate, Final Fantasy VII and Attack on Titan (only one episode), along with English anime company Discotek Media will be officially dubbing the anime Hells. Unlike their works in YouTube, this will be an official English Dub and they will be voicing the anime movie.

According to Wiki, Hells anime is based on the manga Hells Angels and it was created by Sin’Ichi Hiromoto. Here is the synopsis for the anime film:

Amagane Rinne had an accident and died while hurrying to school. She suddenly arrived in an awkward school… in Hell, filled with demons. While she is struggling and wishing to go back to the world whence she came from, she makes friends with her demon schoolmates and develops an uncommon bond.

If you like Dragon Ball Z/Hellsing Abridge humor and want to show support for English Dub, go check out this anime film. Super Kami Guru approves!

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