Gaming news: Final Fantasy XV PC version announced!

Announced through Twitter and IGN, Square Enix announced at Gamescon that they will be releasing the recent Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy XV for Steam, Windows PC and Origins. According to the news, the PC port will include 4K quality and simulated realistic features such as “realist hair simulation”. The game will also include all the all the recent updates and DLC for free. The PC is set to be released on 2018.

Here is the Key Visual for the PC:

5 thoughts on “Gaming news: Final Fantasy XV PC version announced!

  1. This is one of my favourite games of the 2016 and it’s one I’d encourage any previous Final Fantasy fan to consider. Besides the brilliant nods to the series past — adorable retro touches like pixel art character menus and classic game soundtracks you can buy in servos and listen to in the Regalia — this is a game that’s doing something new and great with what’s come before. It’s the fondest I’ve felt about the series since VIII.
    And now with the PC version we are all going to enjoy this remarkable game one more time with enhanced qulity.
    thank you for sharing this news.

    • Thank you for reading this news. It’s one of my favorite games too. I think this game is a good start for new people and I like how much effort the team put for the characters and gameplay. I love the music in the Regalia. Hopefully the PC will help people who wants to play the game but doesn’t own a console.

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