Anime News: No more DVDs from Sentai Filmworks

I found out this news in my newsletter and it was also mentioned in Twitter.

According to the English License company Sentai Filmworks, the company is hoping to phase out all home DVDs formats for future anime by 2019. This means that in 2019 and the future, all anime will most likely be sold as Blu-Ray sets (standard or Premium) or digital series. However, certain older anime that already has been sold in DVD format (Clannad, Angel Beats, Parasyte, Akame ga Kill or other DVD released titles) will still be sold.

As part of the recent news, Sentai Filmworks will be giving shoppers a free Blu-Ray DVD player if they make a purchase of $299 or more in the online store. The promotion begins in September 19 to September 30.

This is surprising news since most people prefer buying DVDs or DVD combos. With the future progressing, Sentai Filmworks wants fans to experience anime in Hi-Def. I don’t think I will do this offer since PS3 and PS4 already has a built-in Blu-Ray player inside.

6 thoughts on “Anime News: No more DVDs from Sentai Filmworks

  1. I wonder if other studios (anime and non-anime) will follow suit.

    And with how often Sentai Filmworks puts on sales, I think most people would be better off buying what they want now and saving up for a Blu-ray player gradually.

  2. I usually buy DVDs, even if I own a console that can play Blu Rays. Maybe my poor eyesight is to blame, but I don’t see much of a visual difference so I opt for the cheaper medium.

    To be honest I expect more companies to exclusively focus on Blu Ray eventually. If anything I am surprised how long DVD has persevered for.

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