Sword Art Online live-action show gets Tomb Raider writers!

With the criticism of the Death Note Netflix film and the live-action announcement with J. J. Abrams directing Your Name. you think Hollywood would take the hint and stop making live-action movies of anime. However, that won’t stop them when they have permission and money. Already mentioned a while back, Skydance Television announced that they want to do a live-action series of the anime Sword Art Online. Recently, Skydance Television announced that they found some new writers to help lead the project. These writer-producers Patrick Massett and John Zinman made a deal with Kadowawa Corp to help create the live-action series. Patrick and John are responsible for the works of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001 version with Angelina Jolie), The Blacklist and Friday Night Lights.

The pilot episode will, however, be written together with Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar). Here is a quote from Hollywood Reporter:

“Patrick and John have shown incredible range in their storytelling capabilities, from subtle character drama to big, world-building action, and we are beyond fortunate that they have joined the Skydance family,” said Skydance Television president Marcy Ross. “We’re already deep in development with Patrick, John and Laeta on our larger-than-life Skydance SAO series in which we aim not only to satisfy the franchise’s enthusiastic sci-fi and anime fan base but also to appeal to new TV audiences the world over.”

“The fantastical world of SAO offers an unparalleled opportunity to tell stories that resonate on both an epic and human scale. We couldn’t ask for better partners than Skydance and Laeta to help us bring this global pop culture phenomenon to new life on television,” said Massett and Zinman in a joint statement. 

What do you guys think of this news?

8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online live-action show gets Tomb Raider writers!

  1. Sword Art Online is one of my favorite animeseries, but I don’t know how I feel about this news. Tha track record for Hollywood live action adaptations of anime has been less than stellar so far (with the exception of Ghost in the Shell, even though I know I’m in the minority with this one). So don’t know really. If it is done well, it could really be an interesting series as the source material has enough in it to make it in a truly cool show. Will have to wait for a first trailer before I make any judgement on this one 😀

    • It’s one of my favorite too. I love this anime. I probably won’t have high hopes but I will look forward for more details. I heard Ghost in the Shell was pretty decent. Hopefully this show will be available to everyone. 😀

  2. Like with all the others, I guess we’ll see what we get once we get it. I’d like to hope they do a good job though past experience doesn’t make me overly hopeful. At the same time, I wouldn’t want them to just stop trying to make a whole bunch of stories from different inspirations because you never know when they’ll make something great.

    • So true. Despite the past, we gotta to appreciate the dedication to the work. Some of these guys are reading the material or watching the anime and they people to know about this. Let’s look on the bright side.

  3. so i absolutely love SAO… it was the first anime that i absolutely loved!!! and i saw the movie in theaters even!!! but idk about a live action… it seemes like everyone wants to EVERYTHING in live actions and it might look weird, but i would have to see a trailer or something before i acctuallt make an opinion about it…

  4. SAO doesn’t strike me as a series that would transfer well to live action. Given how Death Note turned out I can’t say that I am looking forward to this.

    • I think most people feel the same way. It’s something that people will automatically disagree on the idea. Let’s see how will they handle American Kirito.

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