Friday Funny 130: Dead by Midnight


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome for another episode of TGIF Friday Funny. In this episode I am here to give you something laugh at while today is an unfortunate day: it’s Friday the 13th! Some people, this is the most scariest day because some people believe that Friday 13th is an unlucky day if you happen to break a mirror, walk past a black cat, step on a crack or walk under some stairs. It is also the name of the well-known violent, horror film Friday the 13th. However, since we don’t have a movie about a hockey mask killer, we do have a scary clown reboot and a new movie called “Happy Death Day”, a movie about a college girl who gets killed on her birthday and has to relieve it again until she finds her killer identity. If you don’t like horror films or unlucky days, get ready for October 14th for the season premier of the webseries RWBY volume 5. Ruby and her friends return and they are here to save the world from evil and the terrorist group the White Fang. Some of you may have noticed, but I recently moved homes. I am going to try to continue to blog more than before and I apologize again for the lack of posts.

Let’s start out this fortunate weekend!

Here are some videos to help you avoid the bad luck and killers out there. Some RWBY songs!


5 thoughts on “Friday Funny 130: Dead by Midnight

  1. Happy Friday! I know its Friday 13th, but I never worry about things like that, I do like watching the Friday 13th films sometimes though – always good for a fright near Halloween πŸ™‚

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