JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Eyes of Heaven game review

Published by Bandai Namco of Entertainment and developed by CyberConnect2 (they also worked on the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series), we get another JoJo Bizarre Adventure video game and unlike the previous game on the PS3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: All-Star Battles, this game will not have players buy any DLCs. I got this game from a flash sale with a price of $15; the retail price is about $60. In the PSN store, this game title has the world bundle. That is because in the North America version, this digital game includes the game itself and all the DLC such as additional missions and Jotaro Kujo Part 4 version. In this review, this will contain spoiler but only minor. The spoilers will occur in the story and I will do my best to not give away too much details.

When you first start the game you given the following choices:

  • Story Mode
  • Free Battle
  • Online Battle
  • Customization
  • Shop
  • Gallery
  • Glossary

Obviously, going to the story mode takes you to the story of the game of Eyes of Heaven. Free Battle allows you to fight with the AI or even allows you to watch the computer fight against itself. Online Battle allows players to fight others across the globe whoever has the game. The Shop allows you to use your in game currency, points, to buy varies items like special costumes from the manga and anime or even poses. Customization allows you to use these poses and costumes and have them set in presets. Gallery allows you to view 3D models of the characters and see their costumes and poses. Glossary is where you can learn about the JoJo universe in regards to characters, stands or important facts from in the recent parts. In this review, I am going to try and cover everything what the game offers and I will share you my feedback along the way.

Story (Spoilers Ahead if you never finished Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)

The story of Eyes of Heaven takes place in the final battle with Jotaro against the evil Dio. It’s a one on one battle with the vampire and before you fight, you are given a super short brief text on the controls. Once that is out of the way, you fight Dio and then win. After the battle, what may seem like the end of the adventure, the conclusion of Stardust Crusader introduces the game original story and Jotaro must be part in. Jotaro and Old Man Joseph encounters the young Speedwagon from Part 1: Phantom Blood, Speedwagon tells them that someone is messing around with the timeline and dimensions and someone is resurrecting once dead characters and brainwashing them and making them fight the Joestar family and allies. What is also worse is that some villains who have fallen are alive again and are serving a new and powerful ruler In order to save their friends and stop the mysterious threat, Jotaro and his friends must jump through all eight parts of the JoJo universe collecting pieces of the Holy Corpse, a mysterious item that allows people to heal and travel through dimensions. Not in order you will visit all the parts from the manga:

  • Part 1: Phantom Blood
  • Part 2: Battle Tendency
  • Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
  • Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable
  • Part 5: Vento Aureo
  • Part 6: Stone Ocean
  • Part 7: Steal Ball Run
  • Part 8: JoJolion

This is will be the only spoiler I am going to mention but the cause of the timeline and dimension destruction is Heaven Dio (in the Wiki he is called Heaven Ascended Dio or Gone to Heaven Dio) and his new and improved Stand The World over Heaven. Apparently, this Dio is unlike his other versions and this one has powers like a deity. with his powers, he is able to manipulate time and space and even recruit evil minions.


Unlike the prevous game All-Star Battles, this game is heavily focused on 3D free-form combat rather fighting on the opposite side of the screen. The game is also focused on tag team battles in 2v2 matches. In the story or vs mode, you and your partner will be teamed up and face another team. Each character has their own unique abilities with strengths and weakness; some characters have abilities exclusive to themselves related to the series. For example, characters like Jotaro from Part 3 to Part 8 can use stands; Parts 1 and 2 doesn’t use stands but they use Hamon, Vampire or Pillar Men powers. Some characters fight very differently regardless. In Part 7, players who play as Johnny will need a horse to move fast since he can’t walk but his ability to shoot with his nail clips can give enemies tremendous damage or in part 3 when you play as N’ Doul, you can’t lock on to people because he is blind but his stand allows him to manipulate water and not even his enemies can harm it but that also means he’s vulnerable. Overall, if you are familar with the character in the JoJo world, you might be able to enjoy their powers.

Going back to the 2v2 topic, the game also introduces Dual Combos and Dual Heat. Dual Combos allows you use to use free combos and inflict damage to your opponent but you have to fill up the energy bar before it disappears. Dual Heat is basically the characters special attack, if you can make contact to your opponent, you can give him some good fashion ORAORAORA. However, in this game, if you partner up with the right characters, you can do some cool attacks. For example, you pair up Jotaro and Old Man Joseph, these guys will come up a new attack and they will work together and inflict major damage. Unfortunately, there are some characters can’t work together for either ovious reasons or some wants to do this solo; you can’t make Jotaro and Dio (Part 3) combine their attacks.

My Opinion on this Bizarre game

As someone who like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and I have yet to see part 4 or even read above the parts in the manga, this game was really fun. I will admit, I did get spoiled in the story but this also helped piqued my interest in the series. I enjoy the new and unfamiliar characters like Jolyne Cujoh (Jotaro’s daughter in Part 6) and Giorno Giovanna (son of Dio but with Joestar blood in Part 5) and I got experience the insane powers of everyone like Star Platinum and The World. I really like the characters and it was fun using Hamon and Stands. The interactions with the characters before and after the matches was interesting; it was interesting to see Jonathan see his descendants of the Joestar family. Combat is pretty easy to learn as you play the game even though there is no tutorial. The story mode was an interesting twist as well. Rather than playing and reenacting the series story, the game decides to be creative and introduce a new story separate from the original sources. The new Dio looked pretty epic even though it was the same Dio as before. I forgot to mention that the story also has moments where you have to either fight a wave of enemies like zombies or raptors. It was nice fighting these enemies but I wish it didn’t have  to be only for story mode. You can even play poker with Darby, an enemy of Jotaro. I don’t play poker but I was able to win. The fanservice I enjoyed in the game was poses and quotes. JoJo is well-known for making exaggerated poses and unlocking them brought pleasure to me.

Negatives of this game

Even though I enjoyed this game, there is something I want to talk about that made feel disappointed. This game does not have a two player option. When you go to the Vs Mode, you can only fight the computer or have the computer fight itself. Seeing this without a player vs player option was let down because I would have liked to play this game with my brother or with a friend when we hang out. Mentioned earlier, Jotaro Kujo from Part 4 is playable in this game but ONLY in free battle and online. You can’t play as him in the story and his attacks is pretty much the same as Part 3 Jotaro. Maybe it is me or the person I was playing with but online was atrocious. It’s hard finding someone to play online or create a host battle. Even if you do find someone, the online match is so laggy. The audio is delayed and the movements is slow. The story mode could use some work as well especially when recording gameplay. Once you get to the final boss of the story, the game blocks recording and you can’t show off your game moments. You can’t unlock Heaven Dio either! Speaking of Dio, when you pair up with people in matches, some characters don’t usually work together as you expected. For example, Part 3 Dio won’t work with his minions but will work with Giorno and Dio from Part 1. The Pillar Moon won’t even bother working together. Don’t expect to play this game 1v1 with the characters either; you can’t relieve the battle with Jotaro and Dio so don’t bother unless you replay the very first chapter in the story. Remember the poses I mentioned? Maybe I am missing something, but the only way to actually use them if you set them in presets in the customization mode. You need to set up your skills first before you can actually use the poses.

Final Conclusion

Is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Eyes of Heaven worth it? It depends to be honest. If you are a fan of JoJo and you enjoy fast pacing fighting. I say go get it. It has an original story different from the manga/anime. It will have spoilers if you are not familiar with the parts. It has great fanservice like quotes, poses and moments. For a game with all the DLC in it, it is pricy but it makes sense but I think it would be nice if it went down. I was fortunate to get it for $15. In the other side of the review, this game missed out some opportunities. It would have been nice to play as the new Dio and have local play. It’s a shame that not many people play this game unless you have friend who has this game.

Excuse me for this long review. I wanted to really minimize my review but there was many things I wanted to talk about. I enjoyed this game but there was stuff I wish it could have had. If you got this game, what did you think? Comment down below on your opinion towards this game? Did I miss something in this review?


4 thoughts on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Eyes of Heaven game review

  1. Good review, as a fan of fighting games I was honestly disappointed with the gameplay aspect, characters don’t have enough moves to pull off. It reminds me of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games but with less options because you can’t use different jutsus or special moves in JoJo.

    • Yeah the moves were very limited. Some characters had more than others and some can only be used with specific rules. I like this game but I thought it could do better.

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