Friday Funny 132: Odyssey October


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of Friday Funny. Just like the title says, this is fun day today because of a long anticipated game is finally out today! If you have Nintendo Switch, I am jealous and I want one. Anyway, today is the release of Super Mario Odyssey! In this game, once again Mario has to travel different worlds to save Peach and stop a forced wedding from Bowser. With the power of a magical hat named Cappy, Mario can toss his hat on people and objects and take control of them. Players can also customize Mario and make dress up in anything such as Dr. Mario, a football player, or in his swim clothes. One of the amazing features is that Mario can explore worlds in a open world game. Not to mention. Paulina from the old Donkey Kong game shows up again and she sings the well-known and beautiful song “Jump Up, Super Star!” So pick up your controls and get ready to play this game at home, work or anywhere.

If you are like me and don’t have a Switch, get ready for Halloween. Halloween will be on October 31st and once we get done with Halloween, get ready for November. I forgot to write this on my blog but the online expansion to Final Fantasy XV will be delayed. Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades will be available to download on November 7th and if you have the season pass to FFXV, this game will be free.

With this all said, here’s your treat for today!


Here is some songs to wrap up this memeful post. With Super Mario Odyssey out, Sega will be releasing their game Sonic Force. These games play differently but they have amazing songs. Which song do you like the most? Jump Up, Super Star vs Fist Bump?

To hype up Halloween, here are some spooky anime songs:

Please be sure to check out my best friend Allie’s fanfiction blog. Give her your love and support and encourage her to keep writing her story!

Goodbye my friends!

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