Escape to the Great World of Anime!

You might be wondering the title and the purpose of this post, there’s a funny story behind this. I am good friends with my anime and colleague friend Allie from Visionaries and we whenever we text each other, we have a really long conversation on anything. Whether it is anime, cartoons and just life, we can go on for hours; however, one day, we had an interesting topic in which also inspired me to write this post. As usual we were talking about anime and how much it would be cool to leave reality and jump into our favorite anime. He texted me this comment but she called it a “rant”:

Go on some sort of adventure become our own heroes. Live in a world where we can be us and that’s good enough. Where words only positivity and people look on the bright side instead of dwelling on the negative. To face their problems instead of keeping them bottles up until they explode :). Oh the naive mind is back to reality now.

This got me thinking, if it’s possible to leave reality for a day and enter any world in the anime I seen is, I would do it. Some people might agree with me in this comment especially if you like anime. Most of us had this deep wish where we can have the ability to go our favorite anime. After hearing her say this, I added my own comment to hers and I told her why I want do it if I could jump into anime:

I would love to visit that world. Take me to Sword Art Online and let me go on quests or Yu-Gi-Oh! and let me duel with my monsters. Take me to a world where my average “me” can be greater. πŸ˜€

This may sound silly the way I said it but wouldn’t it be awesome? Imagine leaving your average or boring life for a day, months or whatever time you desire and escape to somewhere where you are the hero or at least feel important. Basically, what I am saying is this: if there was a way to enter a world where you leave your dull life and enter a new world where you can live your favorite anime world or worlds, would you do it?

Personally, I would. In my daily life, I usually live just an average routine where I watch anime or just do my daily chores. Whenever I see anime characters in action or doing something exciting, I get envious. Like a kid who wants to be their favorite superhero, I like to dream and wanting to be something great like my favorite characters. If I can jump into worlds of anime, I would be hero in Dragon Ball Z, travelΒ  and enjoy solitude in Sword Art Online, or even obtain some powerful beings in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

The anime world is more bizarre than JoJo’s Bizarre Aventure but that’s okay, it just means the norm is the oddities itself like the anime Durarara!! Can it be dangerous? Yes! Will you survive? Of course if you have the right skills and ideal anime.

If somehow or someone came to you and asked if you could jump into any anime world you desire, where would you go?

If there was a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland where anime logic exist and all reality doesn’t, would you dig deeper?

Or better yet, if there was a door and it says “door way to anime”, would you open that door and not look back?

What would you do and where do you want to go?

24 thoughts on “Escape to the Great World of Anime!

    • Hmmm, intriguing. When I did the 30-Day Anime Challenge, when I got to the day where I pick an anime I wish was real… I couldn’t. There are wonders in all these anime worlds, but there are also horrors which I generally prefer to forego, especially as we have wonders and horrors aplenty in our own world.

      But, if it’s just visiting for a day… hmmm… I would want to meet new kinds of people, which is not something I do not say very often. Lodoss, perhaps, to meet elves, dwarves, and a dragon! Or Outlaw Star, to meet a Ctarl-Ctarl. Or Everyday Life With Monster Girls, obviously to meet all the monsters. Or Restaurant to Another World, to meet everyone who goes to the restaurant, from various human kingdoms, and elves, dragons, fairies, sirens, and dwarves! πŸ™‚

  1. I think everyone of us would want to leave this world behind at some point. I know I currently definitely want to do that. I would love to escape into Sword Art Online. Either world featured in the series would do. Just to escape and experience some Quests and great friends would be awesome πŸ˜€

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  3. When I first started watching anime, I remember having a dream where I reached the anime world. When I woke up from the dream, I was pretty disappointed and wanted to go back there ASAP.

    The feeling of escaping to the anime world hasn’t lost yet, but there’s a big change in my preference and that is, I want to go in the anime world of SOL or light hearted RomCom genre. Well, I can find that here too but I actually want a place that looks like anime; it would be awesome if I could spend time in such a beautiful world with the themes of our RL world.

    • Wow that’s a cool dream. I can relate to this. I actually had one dream I was in Attack on Titan and I became a powerful Titan and I helped the characters. I still have this feeling for the anime world. However, Maybe I can find it here.

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