Friday Funny 134: One Nation under God


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another Friday episode! This is yours truly, Matthew Castillo. I am here once again to give you some daily funny posts and I would like to share some usual news. This Saturday is Veterans Day, a day where we remember and celebrate a day for fellow soldiers who fought for America. We come together to say thank you for your service and thank you for protecting our home and family. You guys are the best soldiers and I am fortunate to live in a country who support freedom and liberty. In other news, I haven’t seen Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You but I did see Thor: Ragnarok and I loved it. My family and I saw it on Sunday on the 5th and it was a funny and exciting movie. Thor was awesome and Loki is still my favorite sassy villain and I can’t forget one of my favorite Avengers, the Hulk. Speaking of Pokemon, you still have a chance to see the movie if you missed it, on November 11th and 14th, you can still try again and see it in theaters! In video game news, Square Enix recently announced that in Final Fantasy XV, they will be finally releasing the online expansion pack Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades. It was originally going to be released for Nov 7th but now it will be on 15th because SE wanted to fix and patch up bugs. In this expansion pack, players will be able to create their own characters and fight along with FFXV characters and fend off against Daemons.

In a personal FFXV note, I finally competed the quest A Menace Beneath Lucis! To those who don’t know, it’s sidequest where you and your party must go travel back into the tombs and unlock the secret doors and fight off powerful monsters. According to sites, they are tough and recommend players to be above level 90 and some of these doors are LONG! One of the dungeons, Costlemark, is the hardest because you are forbidden to using any items. Surprisingly, I beat this one and I only died once; I was expecting to die multiple times. If you plan to do this, make sure you are above level 90, found the legendary weapons and don’t make any plans. Here’s a funny “Honest Trailer” of this quest:

Last but not certainly least, I recently signed up for Ko-fi! In this application, you enjoy my blog and feel compelled to do more than just like and share, feel free to buy me a “cup of coffee”. The tip is small so don’t worry about tipping me a lot unless you are REALLY love me. The link below will take you to my new page.

With this said, let’s begin!


To end this post I decided to share some random tweets. I recently found out I got this 280 character limit, I decided to play with it and do random stuff.

If you want something funny, check out this collection tweets from the Sonic the Hedgehog account. As a way to promote and celebrate the game Sonic Forces, Sonic with Shadow and Dr. Eggman has hosted a live takeover and answered questions from fans. The answers are funny and entertaining. Check it out!

That’s all folks!

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