Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel review (spoiler-free)

Rightstuf synopsis:

Ash meets the Mythical Pokemon Volcanion when it crashes down from the sky, creating a cloud of dust—and a mysterious force binds the two of them together! Volcanion despises humans and tries to get away, but it’s forced to drag Ash along as it continues its rescue mission. They arrive in a city of cogs and gears, where a corrupt minister has stolen the ultimate invention: the Artificial Pokemon Magearna, created 500 years ago. He plans to use its mysterious power to take control of this mechanical kingdom! Can Ash and Volcanion work together to rescue Magearna? One of the greatest battles in Pokémon history is about to unfold!

This is the 19th film and it’s the last one for the Pokemon the Series: XY; the next movie is actually Pokemon the Movie: I Choose you! In this review, I will talk about my opinions in the movie without giving out the story and keeping it short. If you seen my spoiler-free review on the Hoopla movie, this is going to be similar. No spoilers here!

Story/Characters: A tale of a grumpy steam engine Pokemon

Just like the synopsis, the story begins with a mystical Pokemon named Volcanion attacking an airship in hopes of retrieving something stolen. He fails and ends up falling down to the ground where Ash and his friends are camped. After Volcanion interrupts a training session, he ends getting a magnetic bracelet on his leg and somehow Ash’s gets one too and forcing him to follow Volcanion (it’s almost similar to Knuckles Chaotix where characters are forced to be together.) Now being trapped, Ash follows Volcanian to the kingdom of Azoth, a town where everything is run by gears and cogs, and we get to see new characters and approaching antagonist. He meets the young prince Racel and the corrupt Prime Minister Jarvis. It is revealed that the stolen thing that Volcanion tried to reclaim was a rare Pokemon with incredible powers called Magearna. Things turn grim when the Prime Minister tries to steal Magearna for his selfish desires and even tries to trick Racel. Thankfully, it’s up to Ash, his friends, and Racel’s sister Kimia to stop Jarvis and also protect the Pokemon who have been a victim of abuse.

Feedback: A movie fit for a kingdom or tossed in the junk pile?

I didn’t watch this movie in the same day as the Hoopa movie but after seeing this, I actually kept my expectations low; however, I like this movie a little bit more. Personally, after comparing the time length in each movie, the Volcanion movie is 93 mins (which is an 1 hr and 34 mins) and seeing that Hoopa was 1 hr and 18 mins, I thought it was going to be another speedy film. I am glad I was wrong because the Volcanion feels much longer and the pacing is done better. Unfortunately, I found that the beginning feels really rushed! I mentioned in my synopsis that the Volcanion and Ash somehow gets stuck together in the beginning of the movie; in the movie, it happens 5 minutes into the film. However, besides the really fast introduction, the movie pacing slows down and we get to enjoy the slow cruise.

We are introduced to Volcanion real quick and this made me automatically assume that Volcanion is just a human hating Pokemon, similar to Mewtwo and Lucario in their movies. However, without going to details, Volcanion does change and his character becomes likable and he is also a pretty cool Pokemon. Speaking of characters we do get to meet new movie characters such as the royal brother and sister, Racel and Kimia. Out of the siblings, we mostly focus on Kimia and she introduces us to her brother’s personality. She is one of the most interesting characters in the movie and I like her gentle personality. In regards to Racel, I like him but not a lot and I feel bad for him when the plot starts to get serious. The villain Jarvis reminds me of the villain from Pokemon 4Ever, both villains abuse Pokemon with evil technology and they even use Team Rocket for their goals and toss them away. He is one of those villains I hate because of the motives and that’s what Pokemon is good at, making enemies we hate. Still; however, if you seen the past Pokemon movies, you get the idea.

Speaking of Team Rocket, they do get involved in the movie unlike the previous the movie. Ash and his friends share in the action too and it’s nice to see them more involved in the plot.

The story setting is really cool because the whole premise involves cogs, gears and other ancient technology. Unlike the movie Destiny Deoxys, the movie relies on old fashion technology and for some reason, it fascinates me more than a futuristic setting. The music is really good and the ending song in the credits is really great. As someone who loves songs from anime, the song Soul-Heart is simply amazing.


Did this movie have the soul it needed to make it enjoyable? In my opinion, yes! No offense, I like the previous movie but I enjoyed this one more for the characters and storytelling. I like the bond Ash and Volcanion had together whether it is silly or serious. With the troupe for the villains, it still has the magic touch. A lot of the main characters were involved. The music and setting was icing on the cake! After watching this movie, I would like to say God bless you Eric Medalle and rest in peace. According the wiki, Eric is known for creating the logos for Pokemon XY; he died in March 16, 2016.

Anyway, what did you think of this movie? Did I miss anything while reviewing this film?

Comment down below on your thoughts and comments.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel review (spoiler-free)

  1. Yeah, I thought this film was pretty decent. I wasn’t a huge fan of either one of the new legendaries, but it’s always fun to see Ash and friends take on a new threat. It didn’t really stand out all that much, but at least it didn’t stand out in a bad way either. A fun film, but I probably wouldn’t re-watch it.

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