Friday Funny 136: Boyhood


Thank God it’s Friday! I know it’s a day late but I want to say Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday and enjoyed some company and food. There’s not much news here but I will be brief since this is going to be a busy weekend for everyone. Today on Friday, Nick will premier the classic return and the movie Hey Arnold: The Jungle. In this movie, the creators come back to Nick after all these years and bring the classic characters like Arnold and they take them to an exciting adventures and answer questions like what happened to his parents. This question has been a major cliffhanger for all these years after it got cancelled or stop production. On Saturday, if you missed your opportunities on the past weekends, Saturday will be your last chance. The movie Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You will premiere on TV at Disney XD. Like what online says, this movie will talk about Ash’s beginning as a trainer and how he became friends with Pikachu.

Now with all this said, go out and shop and watch!

To help start this weekend with a bang, here are some movies to check on TV and theaters!

Happy Thanksgiving!