Friday Funny 137: The Avenging League Team


Thank God it’s Friday. I bring good news on this blessed day in the month. As you may have noticed, it’s December, the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is only 24 days away and I can’t wait for this loving holiday. Here is some news I want to share. If you are a fan of Hunter x Hunter, I got good news, the manga is coming back in January! In the movie news, Marvel just released the trailer to the upcoming Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War. This movie will finally feature a super hero cast filled with the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Ant Man and Wasp, and Black Panther and all of them will face the dangerous villain, Thanos.

In video game news, Final Fantasy XV recently celebrated one year anniversary of release on November 29th. Announced in Square Enix blog from Square Portal, Final Fantasy XV will be receiving new updates such as Episode Ignis coming out on December 13th. This Episode will allow you to play as Ignis and the story will have multiple endings in which you can choose the outcome. Before we get there, Square will release an Anniversary Update where players can swap characters and play as either Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis while the AI play as Noctis; however, this is only for the Comrades Multiplayer Expansion story. Also mentioned from game director Hajime Tabata, there will be at least three more Episode DLCs and two of them involves Ardyn and Lunafreya for 2018.

Also, I want to say thank you to Maku for buying me coffee at my Ko-fi page! If you are reading this, I appreciate the kind gesture. If you wish to show your support for my blog, I will leave a link to my page. If you do give me a tip, I might even give you a shout out.

Last but not least, the OWLS will be doing a new topic concerning “warmth.” Details will be explained soon but we as the members will talk about what is like to have warm feelins and the importance of care with anime and other media. I signed up for Dec 4th; stay tuned!

With all said, let’s kick December!


To end this post, I will be sharing these old superhero trailers from Marvel and DC of 2017. What was your favorite superhero movie of this year?


That’s the end of that my friends!

8 thoughts on “Friday Funny 137: The Avenging League Team

  1. Infinity War is definitely going to be a blast! I definitely want to see Thanos go at it with Hulk and Thor though. That’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most right now

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