Leak News: Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition?


Mentioned on Twitter y Playstation LifeStyle and GameSpot, there appears to be news in regards to Final Fantasy XV.

According to GameSpot, ESRB might have left a leak because in the game boards, there is a rating for a game called Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition. Just like most games that is called Game of the Year, this updated edition will have the main Final Fantasy XV game along with DLC episodes (Episode Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis). If this leak is true, people who wants to get into Final Fantasy XV will be happy to know that they can get their hands on this game for all the updates. This game will be for PS4 and Xbox One.

Square Enix also mentioned besides this and the upcoming PC game, 2018 is going to be really big for FFXV. Since I already have the DLC episodes, I will not buy this Royal Edition. So far, this news is only a leak but I believe this game will be real news.


4 thoughts on “Leak News: Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition?

  1. Ah, this is the DE (definitive version) where they’ve included all the dlc together. Sadly this game and star ocean 5 have fallen out of favour with me. However if I had to continue one, then FFXV would win hands down. SO5 is just utter garbage. Oh yeah let me know how you get on with dissidia nt, I think it’s coming out at the end of this month right.

    UPDATE: I just did a quick look up on NT. And wow, they didn’t bother bringing it console for at least two years. That’s terrible decision making.

    • Yeah it looks like FFXV is doing this tactic and now wants it to make it easy for newcomers. I haven’t played SO5 but I bet it’s not good. I think the Dissidia game was originally going to be only for Arcade.

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