Friday Funny 143: Sick Combos!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another TGIF episode. I hope everyone is doing okay since I guess there’s a cold going on in the first weeks of January. I got hit by this cold and it really drains me. I had to deal with stuffy and running noses, sinus pressure and chills. Still, I haven’t yet faced bedridden yet. At least the good thing about being sick it helps build my immune system and I will be stronger than ever.

Besides my sick life, I got some video game news to share. On January 16th, Capcom will be re-releasing Street Fighter V with the latest updates and DLC and the game will be called Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. According to Amazon, the game will include free DLC from previous season pass such as new characters like Sakura, Akuma or Sagat. The game will also bring arcade mode where players will fight six enemies and unlock illustrations in which players can view anytime. New V-triggers will be released and it allow much more combat for players. If you haven’t bought the original Street Fighter V game, you can buy this game instead for about $40. If you already have the original game, download the Arcade Edition in the PSN for free and you will get the free features.

With all this said, let’s start fight!


Here are some Street Fighter videos for your enjoyment!

If you guys plan to get this game, let me know what’s your opinion. I haven’t played a Street Fighter game since I played all the Alpha games and the very first Street Fighter 1 and 2. I would like to come back and play SF again. What I find interesting about the games is the characters and fight styles. I may not know the lore of story series but I do enjoy the fight mechanics and insane powers. If I do get this game, let’s have a fight on the PS4! I still find the live action movie cheesy good.

See you next episode spammers and pros!


14 thoughts on “Friday Funny 143: Sick Combos!

  1. Hope you’re feeling better!
    Sakura was my go-to character in the Alpha games, so it’s nice to see her appearing in V. The only problem for me is that I don’t havea PS4, so I can’t actually play the thing. I’d love to now that it’s not just online play, but can’t.

    • Thanks Matt. I am actually getting :). I remember playing her in Alpha as well and I like her combat. I remember playing either Ryu or Ken and defeating the AI. I hope eventually Street Fighter V comes to Xbox. It doesn’t make sense to have it exclusive for Sony.

      • I would love it to, but i’m not holding my breath. Still, the anniversay collection IS coming tot eh Xbox, so I shall be getting that and going abck through all the old 2D ones (it covers 1 through to 3: third strike).

      • I heard of the collection and that’s pretty awesome. I would like to try out SF3. I heard the game has some interesting characters like Alex and Gill.

      • I never got to play the SF3 trilogy, so it’s a real selling point for me. Between trying that for the first time and getting to relive Alpha 2 (which has been my favourite in the franchise thus far), it’s really promising, especially if affordable. I think that there’s a ranking system in SF3 too that grades you on skill and so on?

      • I only tried once in a pizza arcade place but other than that, I mostly spent time on Alpha. I also played the very first SF game on my PSP and that game is literally hard. It’s going to be worth it to have all the games on PS4 and X1. I think my skills would be low on SF3. I am not a pro but I do enjoy playing with special attacks.

      • Yeah I don’t see myself as a pro unless I’m really dedicated. I like the game because it looks fun. SF1 is one tough game and even to this day, I still haven’t defeated Sagat.

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